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I love this site but I think what´s strongly missing is a section about one of the most important topics concerning our future generation. Our children. For that reason, can we please have a Parental section where we can discuss important things such as pregnancy, infant/child nutrition including children´s sicknesses/diseases? It´s nearly impossible to find something about the RAF diet in combination with pregnancy, children and nutritional upbringing. It´s such an important topic!

If our parents would have fed us the right nutrition during pregnancy or during our upbringing, or had the knowledge that many of us have now, most of us would probably not have suffered from grave illness and disease. So why not prevent it in the first place?

Thanks  :)

I suggest some parents here set up a thread which I will sticky as permanent, so that people can offer advice re RVAF diets for kids. All my past health-problems occurred because of doctors telling my parents nonsense about children needing dairy for all the calcium etc., so I see the need for such a thread.

How can I set up a thread. Or did you mean a new topic? And in which section? Can´t we add a "Parental" section below "Science"? Please guide.

Well, start a new thread for now in the science forum, putting in your tips, and I will make it a permanent sticky topic.

I think you misunderstood me. I meant having a own Parental Forum. Positioned let´s say below the Science forum. Not a sub-thread of the Science forum since these are 2 totally different things. If it would just be a sticky sub-thread in the Science forum it would go under and wouldn´t get the importance it needs.


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