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A subforum on food production


I was thinking that there should be a forum dedicated to how to best get our food.

It could cover topics such as farming, keeping livestock, hunting wild game, fishing, and gathering wild foods, and how to best accomplish these in accordance with paleo tenets; or how to modify mainstream practices in order to more adequately reflect a paleo lifestyle.

I often find myself wondering about these issues, and I think many of you also have thoughts and questions to share about them. It's hard to know where to put them when there isn't a specific subforum for them, and it's also hard to find the threads using simply the search function.

That sounds like a wonderful idea.


--- Quote from: a_real_man on April 17, 2018, 10:31:56 pm ---That sounds like a wonderful idea.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I was thinking that it could even cover topics such as where to buy the best quality paleo foods and how to identify them and differentiate them from lower quality ones (after all, in the modern world, most of us are paying for food)

I was watching a documentary a few days ago, which included a guy that can taste the difference in a cooked steak as to whether it came from a female or male bovine, how it was fed, and the age of the animal. He gave some pointers on how to identify each. I think this should be much easier when the meat is raw.

A  more descriptive name for it could be "Food Acquisition" or "Paleo Food Acquisition". In description it could read something like "The where and how to obtain quality food sources, whether you are growing them, hunting them or buying them"


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