Author Topic: Dodgy antiobiotics can leave people with crippling pain  (Read 394 times)

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Dodgy antiobiotics can leave people with crippling pain
« on: July 24, 2018, 04:55:43 pm »

In my old days of ill-health, I once had to go to the local school hospital and was given some antibiotics. Shortly afterwards, thank god, I started vomiting copiously, or I suspect things would have gotten worse for me. The nurse stated that it was impossible to be affected badly by antibiotics. My own father had a similiar experience:- as a child, he was given some antibiotics by a nurse. He duly became deathly ill. When he told the nurse that he fell ill because of the antibiotics, she refused adamantly to accept this, and from then on forced him to drink the pills in water under her close-eyed supervision. He pretended to do so, but did not actually swallow the pills, and, after the nurse left, he would open the window and secrete the pills in a crack in the walls outside. He said if he hadn't done so, he would have died.
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Re: Dodgy antiobiotics can leave people with crippling pain
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2018, 03:13:12 am »
Bacteria are evolving and developing antibiotic resistance... building up symbiotic relationships with other microbes forming biofilms which shield it from traditional antibiotics like penicillin. So in order to continue the arms race medical science has learned to combine antibiotic drugs with highly neurotoxic fluoride based compounds such as "fluoroquinolones". Fluoride combined with antibiotics are more capable of penetrating deep into the tissues and breaking through the defenses of these pesky biofilms, but it is also much more toxic and damaging to all the tissues of the body and causes lasting the bacteria are now quickly evolving immunity to fluoroquinolones, so many people are becoming chronically infected with antibiotic resistance bacteria while suffering great damage from the drugs that are now becoming ineffective.
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