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RSO Phoenix Tears
« on: December 28, 2018, 07:21:58 am »
Hey all, I've been told that cancer is a defensive mechanism of the body that shouldn't be killed similar to candida overgrowth, but rather remedied over time through proper diet so that the body can naturally readjust.  It would make sense to me that the body would create cancer as a defense mechanism when something isn't right and would also create excess candida in order to deal with excess carb and sugar intake.  Rather then nuking the candida with turpentine or ridding of cancer with turmeric and other means, I've heard it would just be best to follow a Paleo or Ketogenic diet and let things work themselves out.  In relation to the topic title, if that was the case then could RSO Phoenix Tears possibly be seen as an overly extreme measure for the body to adapt to and possibly invasive towards it's own self-healing mechanism?  Or am I way off the tracks with this.  I would imagine that the cancer would continue to re-surface even after extended periods of natural anti-cancer treatments unless the primary diet is improved upon.  I wonder about this because many recommend it as a natural cure but are we addressing cancer the proper way?  If so, it seems to upset my gut flora at the same time and cause some stomach discomfort.  Could it be killing plenty of beneficial bacteria as well?  Any input or experience from anyone would be great as I'm just hypothesizing and trying to learn as much as possible.  It begins to make me question everything once realizing that bacteria from raw foods is indeed very beneficial for overall mind and body functionality.  Thanks!


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