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Solving Dermatitis
« on: February 25, 2019, 11:50:34 pm »
Hello everyone!

I have been eating the primal diet by AV (except for vegetable juice) for around 7ish weeks now. I am feeling a lot better. My head is clearer. I have more energy than I’ve had in 4 years. I have gained weight for the first time in years. However, the dermatitis that has come and gone for years has seemed to have come back and continues to get worse. Does anyone have any advice or there own experience with healing dermatitis?

I have completely cut dairy as of 2 days ago.

I don’t think it’s ‘detox’ but I am not completely closed off to that idea.

I am also dealing with constipation/hard stools. I wonder if I am just very deficient in bacteria and so the proteins from the food I’m eating is not being fully digested.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Re: Solving Dermatitis
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2019, 11:39:21 am »
Dairy could be involved in a number of those symptoms and It could take three weeks( give or take) to fully clear any possible aggravating dairy stuff from the body.

Give it a little more time without dairy before trying other drastic changes.

Adaptation and the development of more instinctive/intuitive eating habits will take time. Eliminate possible problem foods, and find some good quality animal foods that can be used as dietary staples. Eventually you should become more attuned to your bodys needs.
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Re: Solving Dermatitis
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2019, 11:40:38 am »
It could well be detox. "Dermatitis"? That means rashes, inflammation of the skin. I had that in full in my pre-RPD days, so much so, that a  round vaccination scar on my left shoulder that I had gotten at the age of 6 forced me, in my 20s, to avoid sleeping on my left side, among other things. All I can state is that it took some 4 months for it to disappear after I cut out all raw dairy from my RVAF diet.

Detox , of course, is not always the reason. Other RVAFers can get allergies/food-sensitivities to other raw foods, such as raw eggs. Perhaps try eating raw meats with a higher fat-content? Or just vary your diet, perhaps include raw seafood and just change completely what you are eating right now? if you are very deficient in bacteria, then the obvious solution would be to eat lots of "high-meat", of course.
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Re: Solving Dermatitis
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2019, 09:56:41 am »
Surfsteve's opinion:

It could be detox but it's almost never that. Most likely cause is some sort of food allergy like everyone is saying but it can also be from microbes. If so you can try something to get rid of them. If it's fungus, zinc is a good thing to try. It could also be that. It could also be a lot of things.

I used to be a licensed pesticide applicator. My motto was if it's a weed use an herbacide, If it's a fungus, use a fungicide. If it's bacteria use a bactericide etc... It's the same for skin as it is for landscaping.

The point was until you learn what it is you are guessing; so take your best guess and use something; but it's best not to use everything all at once or you will never truly learn what the problem is. Plus you will be exposing yourself to unnecessary potentially harmful chemicals. Also you are risking a cross reaction complication.

Since food allergies can be so many individual things I would start with the zinc and try to rule out an external fungus. If it's food you can either start eliminating one thing at a time or go on a mono diet, like beef only and start adding one thing at a time back in till you figure it out. Where it gets tricky is when it's more than one thing.


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