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Hey everyone! ( I am 24 and always a very active person my entire life, open to everything.)
First off, i would like to thank the owner of the website and for making this wonderful website and all the people that continue to provide information from the community and onward!  I been eating raw paleo for about 2 months straight ( im never eating anything cooked again), and theres been big success of course.  I dont want to make this to long to deter people away from reading it, but I will say all my life i have been starving and never felt full.  And i mean this.  All my family and friends i would always out eat (not on purpose and i was a super slow eater in public) no matter how much bigger they were then me and always felt starving from no matter what i ate.  It wasn't till recently i came across raw meat, (months ago) that I find the hidden gem that i been missing my whole life and i finally feel complete and like i been missing this/ kept a secret from me my whole life(which is pretty depressing and sinister to me for the fact i always felt like there was a whole in my stomach and again, i was never satisfied even when i would eat cooked meat!)  It seemed to me, i was always on this search for this missing food and now i got it.  That being said, i was a vegan for 2 and a half years, before coming into raw meat (which i now love) and couldnt be more thankful, though i feel like i should have always had this.  I starved myself on this diet, hunger increase to the highest its ever been, and probably ruined my gut from all the beans, bread, trail mix, and what not.  Towards the end of the diet, i got tired of cooking and started eating fast making foods( cause i made all my foods) and started eating raw salads.  When i got my fillings, 4 months after i woke up"high" and thought it was normal and would go away- it never did and its been two years now and feel very disconnected from my body as if im floating.  I have no digestive fire, use to have the biggest.

My Problems
1)heavy metals from my first cavities on the vegan diet (2 of them with filings- now removed) had them in for a year and my body is very sensitive and weak.
2)Get tired after eating, so i have to immediately sit down and eventually fall to sleep.  NO MATTER What I EAT.  SALAD, MEAT FRUIT.
3) this is not the "biggest problem" but if anyone could expand.  ever since i became aware of sugar in any form, my body basically shakes no matter whatever sugar it eats and i get disturbed from it. Examples and feels: irritated, rushy type feeling, aggravated, and overall dont like how it makes me feel.  I know sugar which all i would consume nowadays would be raw honey or maybe a fruit, is basically poison and i am a living example because i feel it everytime.  Its as soon as i consume it too, the affects come.  I would just like further input of why this would happen? and can it be fixed to some degree?
4) Severe adrenal fatigue(to the fullest *must read)- this is so bad i couldnt even drink water cause my body would shake and tremble every-time i did,  this led me to eating fruit(which i never did because i knew the repercussions and i was on the vegan diet ending of it soon) because one day i had a moment  and was staring at fruit on the table and had to get water in me* this is evidently , when all the raw food things clicked in my head finally and same with the water content in foods( it was kinda like a vision/mirage type of deal)  I was so dehydrated but literally afraid to drink water cause my body would shake and tremble.
5) I cant think not at all, cant feel anything- all my senses are numb( feel, smell, taste) My bodys basically in constant fight or flight.  Doctors, hospitals didnt do anything of course, meanwhile im a do it yourself type of guy plus i hate doctors and looked and did so much researched in the world.  I was shaking every day and couldnt do anything, and my mind was running haywire every minute so all i could do is stare at the phone screen and i hate screens,  It was the worst thing i ever dealt with in my life. 

This has gotten better to a degree, with the handling of the water which believer it or not, no matter how much i drink, actually dehydrates me more!  It definitely doesn't quench this ever lasting thirst i have, though nothing at the moment does( raw veggie juices, raw milk,  raw eggs, and butter).   I have unfournately went to see a naturopath some months ago because i just couldnt handle it as you can see and she just gave me supplements.  Now i dont agree with anything synthetic vitamins or whatever, but herbs i do.  But i didnt want to do this and was so desperate that i had to talk to someone who kinda understood.  Im not taking anymore supplements at the moment.  I have had the fillings out for about 2 months now.  I feel better, but adrenals are still down, way down.   It literally felt like i was dying everyday for about 2 years almost now.  Its the hardest thing ever, though i am feeling better and someone still alive.  Its the only time in my life i actually wanted to kill my self honestly, cause i just couldnt take the feeling anymore.
What my diet is looking like i now
raw meat pasture raised all meats and some fish.  I tend to like red steaks the most.
Some liver and high meats.  I cant get alot of flesh fat or organs fresh.
*all my foods are fresh as of right now, i might order some raw fat that comes frozen to try cause ive read its alright.
I was eating raw dairy milk, cheese, eggs, butter.  * from reading posts and want everyone says- cut it out which i am( ive read a bunch of posts!).  It was just at one point, the milk was the only thing i could digest cause water was nothing and not thick enough.

P.S.  Im so thankful for anyone who reads this and anyone who has further input on would be phenomenal.  Im a real guy and like to be be real with people and honest. 
Funny note: when i was younger, i always would say to myself, i wanted to life a "raw" life and it finally came full circle lol.  aint that crazy?

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Re: Problems of facing while on raw paleo (heavy metals, sleepiness)
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2019, 12:14:44 pm »
Hey bro,

I've been there myself.  Many many years of suffering.  I was off work so long once that I was one week away from disability.  Sucks.
Doing much much better now.
Glad you are too.

I know a lot of the people on here say dairy is bad, but I still don't believe them.
I think it's bad for some people, and not others.  It's usually the casein (NOT lactose) that gives people bad reactions, and thus milk is harder for people to deal with than kefir, cheese, cream, butter, etc which have the casein either broken down more, or don't have any at all.

I would never stop eating raw butter, no matter what anyone says.  True hydration requires FAT not just more water.  Drinking more and more water just dehydrates you more as it dilutes and even flushes out electrolytes.  Water is a solvent.

BTW - you may want to look at the research on hyaluronic acid (HA) since I found that to be the anchoring molecule to HOLD the water.  There are a number of products on the market that claim to have HA that your body can assimilate, but the only one that I found that actually has it in a bioavailable form is Modere's Collagen Science ("Liquid Biocell").  Expensive, but I"ve drank a bottle a month for the past 2-3 years.  Helped provide my body the nutrients to fix a lot of stuff when I couldn't get out of bed for months.  Not everyone needs it, and lots of idiots will discredit it because the company is an MLM.  Well, if you can find something else that can PROVE it provides HA in a small enough molecular size that the body can actually absorb... I'd love to know it! (I have yet to try Baxyl next...)

* Good water, good fats (all the various forms), and maybe some supplemental HA form the basis for good hydration.
* NOT consuming diuretics (coffee, alcohol, too many greens as veggies or powders, various other foods like ginger, goitrogens, etc) allows your body to keep it.

Raw pastured eggs are great.  Personally, I dump the whites and just eat the yolks.  (Raw whites hurt my stomach for some unknown reason.)

Heavy metals and certain chemicals can make some people feel endlessly unquenchably "thirsty" if their body can't get them out.

You may want to get a hair analysis done.  ONLY by 1) ARL (nice) or 2) Trace Elements (not nice) to get a snapshot summary of what your body has processed/excreted in the past few weeks.

That's it for tonight.

You can not just survive, but thrive!


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