Author Topic: Help, trying to transfer to this new diet!  (Read 1963 times)

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Help, trying to transfer to this new diet!
« on: April 07, 2020, 08:08:59 am »
23 from England, so my entire life, I've been eating grains, I think the only thing that must of kept me going is the fact my nan slow cooked red meat in sauces we'd used on our pasta, which must of not denatured/destroyed the proteins/iron molecules.

I always had problems at school, i'd often fart a lot but I never thought anything of it, I wasn't ceiliac but my diet from a young child consisted of wheatabix with sugar, pasta and then chicken fillet for tea... So I've always had carbohydrates in my diet.

My diet now consists of raw meat and cooked meat... My breakfast starts off with wheatoflakes, for tea I have pasta/ broccoli and steak and then similarly for lunch but raw meat throughout the day, although I'll skip lunch sometimes.

Problems: I cant contemplate using anything other than grains as a fuel source, but I swear they are slowing FU****** up my body, I feel like im taking a shit when I sit down, I never know whether im full or not, and the irony is they don't GIVE ME MORE ENERGY, its as though they're taking the energy away. I swear to god, so recently I went onto a fruitarian diet, and it was amazing, absolutely amazing, highest energy levels in the world, no gut problems and clarity of thought beyond measure. Finally thinking I'd finally found the utopian diet amongst all the different diets I'd had tried, milk diet, vegan, vegetarian, meat and fruit, meat and veg, literally every combination you can think of.

After a week I started to have teeth problems, and thus I'm really angry, It didn't make sense, how could this even be possible, this amazing fuel isn't sustainable and the idea of going back to grains was repulsive, because they ALWAYS cause me problems. My body right now as I've just ate some cereal is literally screaming out to me that I'm a fucking idiot, and yet Il feel empty again and probably do it again.... Because...

My problem is there's two sides to my brain, the one that recognises I'm not eating natural foods(weatoflakes), even rice because they **** me up and the other part of my brain.

I'm trying to transfer over to this new diet, because as soon as I started eating raw meat, my GAINS have been great, and my recovery has been awesome, however I cant contemplate using it as a FUEL source, and without that I'm always having to go back to grains, because there's literally nothing else left. Fruit messes my teeth and grains mess up my body.

Also every time I eat grains they make the top of my head go really hot, its almost like inflammation, i'm done with this crap but I just don't know what to do. I feel as though this is the only thing that's left but I have a few problems trying to grasp....

Can I really use raw meat as a fuel?
Why does raw meat not taste as nice? Surely that makes no sense?
How frequent do I eat? I feel satiated more often but also empty, and my brain still doesn't look at raw meat as fuel entirely

The raw meat I eat is beef and beef mince(15% fat)...

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Re: Help, trying to transfer to this new diet!
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2020, 11:48:46 am »
i'm relatively new to RPD so hopefully some of the more experienced members will chime in tho everything you need to know is in the archives.  consider starting in the Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet section: 

for starters, i'd suggest dumping the grains and trying cooked starchy veggies (squash, sweet potato, etc) and then slowly reduce the starches and increase the animal foods cooked or preferably raw.

eat the raw foods 1st in the day, cooked scratches later.

increase your animal fat intake; how much depends on the individual.  this 47year young woman is running on a two fat to one protein ratio.  watch some of her vids around one year back.

many on the group found they needed to eat more fat. i'm currently trying a mince of:
2k   beef round
2k    fat   
550g    liver
2pcs   kidney
2pcs    heart
1pcs    brain

hang in there...  you're fortunate you've discovered RPD at 23, you'll do great!


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