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Morona Lierus only exists in...
« on: February 07, 2021, 04:36:50 pm »
The morona lierus ONLY exists in the mustard seed brains of the sheeple, uploaded there by the telievision/idiotbox channels, owned and run by a handful of billionaires/trillionaires whit the sole mission of ''informing'' the pests, I mean the sheeple.

The germ theory is a lie, inversion of reality. Contagion is a retarded lie/myth.

The only real viruses that exists and people suffer with are the following: Virtue Signaling Syndrome, Stockholm Syndrome, Cognitive Dissonance, Milgram Experiment Syndrome, Normalcy Bias, Learned Helplessness and Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Must read FREE e-book: Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics:

Must read FREE e-book: BÉCHAMP or PASTEUR? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Ethel Douglas Hume:

Must read e-book: The Contagion Myth by Thomas S. Cowan, Sally Fallon Morell:

Moronalierus was the obvious end result of a mass population of screen starers who are easily swayed and manipulated with the wind. No real internal moral compass to speak of. Most await buzzwords and trigger phrases from their "leaders" to enact their fake moral superiority in order to gain a sense of meaning. Minds are quickly being degenerated, social media screen starers disconnected from reality with nothing real going on internally cling to political causes and slogans. the virus is their wet dream and meaning making apparatus, reality in its own twisted projection of their mind finally makes sense and they have their "cause of a generation..that they "lived through" and "overcame".

Children needing a nipple to suck on to make them safe from the "boogeyman". dissenters and halfway free thinkers must be destroyed as they are reminders of the empty shell or husk of a
"human" that now operates in the world simply by mechanics- mechanical action after mechanical action all the while running on stress chemicals swearing to God or whoever that they are in the "right", and will save the world. Never once looking inward to wonder if maybe they are being had or might have it totally backwards. Total Indoctrination.

The root of all evil is reproduction. If no more fresh food(children) is brought into this 'heaven' and given over to the beast, the beast would starve to death. Don't bring into this reality more future: communists, satanists, terrorists prancing around in the idiotbox/telievision in suits/ties and white coats and other childish/ridiculous uniforms, torturers, mercenaries, hitmen/hitwomen, bolsheviks, leninists, stalinists, maoists, nazis, marxists, BLMs, antifas etc.etc.(i.e. the ‘nice’ people of society). No, you will not be able to influence your children, the beast is indoctrinating/brainwashing them 24/7/365. Your 5 minutes per day non-sensical useless interaction with them will not counteract the beast's 24/7/365 influence.
Pumping out units, I mean kids, aka bringing innocent beings into this ‘heavenly’ dimension of misery, suffering, struggling, pain and DEATH, WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION/CONSENT, is NOT the solution/remedy/cure for your personal problems/issues such as: boredom, poverty, selfishness, loneliness, low IQ, **megalomania, shallowness, emptiness, vanity, hero complex syndrome, narcissism, virtue signalling syndrome. Please stop being a sadist, masochist and find a more useful/constructive hobby. 😉


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