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Maybe make a Q/A section for new people?


Like, I really want to know if you all drink coffee.  That's kinda a staple here in the PNW or the US (Oregon Coast) because it rains non-stop all winter.  I don't know, I have a lot of stupid questions like that. 

I do not drink coffee, when I wake up in the morning, I do not have brain fogginess or dizziness.

Poppy, I drink coffee but it's a crutch.  Lattes are my addiction.  For me, I know it's bad but until I'm healed, I'm dependent on it for simply getting through the day sometimes.  Especially in winter in Pennsylvania when I wake up and it's so dark, I can barely move when I get up (really).

However, there is a guy who has been raw primal for years and he drinks turkish coffee.  His name is Boban and he is on youtube as "thefirstoneofmykind."  He used to be a wrestler and now he does security work, I think.  He has many videos of eating raw meat and high meat and he is really strong.  But he continues to like turkish coffee and I guess it doesn't cause him any ill effects.  Here is his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_pIjiXmJ4fyIBBk0Y6FY8w

You should download any videos of his that you like because he keeps getting censored.  He was kicked off of instagram and tiktok.

Poppy, I just thought of something else. 

If you want to do better than coffee, maybe drink bone broth or something?  I've seen flavored collagen protein powder.  I know that's not primal because it's a processed food, but I've thought of doing this myself.  I have unflavored collagen powder but I haven't gotten into making my own drinks yet.  Maybe its something about being in dark/cold climate that makes me crave hot liquids in winter; probably the same for you guys in the Pacific Northwest.  The ones that live in California or other hot climates/tropical areas won't understand.  I think those of us that live in regions where it's dark/cold/rainy for months (winter) should be sleeping a lot more than modern civilization allows us because we are on a "clock" which is totally different from what our bodies need us to do.  I think we should sleep much longer and not have to be up so early in the morning in winter...


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