Author Topic: Are PUFA's in nuts really bad?  (Read 871 times)

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Are PUFA's in nuts really bad?
« on: March 06, 2023, 05:49:40 am »
Do you really need to worry about the omega 6's in nuts?  When you do a search online about nuts, and the omega 6's and PUFA's in them you would think nuts are terrible things but I find this hard to believe.  I am on keto diet for mental health.  I actually need to gain weight so it is not for weight loss at all.  However, I don't eat processed anything (including olive oil).  I don't eat dairy either and have recently cut out eggs for a few reasons. I have been suffering from terrible digestion after an emergency surgery on my stomach five years ago. My keto/dairy free/egg free/pescatarian diet leaves me with avocados and nuts for fat and I need a lot of fats because seafood has little.  I eat raw, unpasteurized walnuts (about 2-2.5oz per day) and sometimes pecans.  I'm thinking of trying macadamias but I think the walnuts really have a lot of good things in them like folate.  Are PUFA omega 6's harmful or it just the processed, damaged PUFA's that are causing imflammation?  Are these studies done on people eating raw organic nuts in their whole form?  I recently had an omega fatty acid test done.  My ratio is 4.5 to 1.  I am in the desirable range for DHA and EPA omega 3's.  I do have high LA however.  But is this a bad thing?  I find it hard to keep a 1:1 ratio if I need nuts and avocados for fat.

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Re: Are PUFA's in nuts really bad?
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2023, 05:44:27 pm »
It's very hard to gain weight on nuts, especially raw nuts. Forget everything you've been told about how bad animal based fat is, that's the only fat that's natural and paleo in large quantities. You've already cut out eggs and rejected dairy (as most paleoers do), so that leaves meat fat/marrow/suet/brain. Get yourself some good quality sources and use that for your fat.

Also pescatarian tends to make it harder to gain weight, as most fish meat is too lean. There are some fatty fish out there, where I live it's generally river fish, but they are more polluted than ocean fish. You'll have to experiment and research to find the types of fish that are good for you.

Keto also makes it hard to gain weight, particularly fat weight. Have some raw unheated honey for carbs if you need to add some fat weight.

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Re: Are PUFA's in nuts really bad?
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2023, 09:51:59 am »
I'd second the suggestion to include some carbs for weight gain. Fruit and honey are viable options that also have enzymes to help digest and assimilate the meat you're eating which in turn would help with gaining weight.

Meat fat is likely easier to digest but again, you might need less fat if you balance out your macros with more carbs. I think you could gain weight with nuts and avocados too.

There's also coconut butter (similar to peanut butter) which is ground white flesh and fat from coconuts. This has a lot of fat too.


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