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Calendar Events
« on: June 27, 2008, 09:25:58 am »
I've changed the calendar events and birthdays so they be displayed seven days in advance of the event/birthday rather than 30 days.

I set the calendar up in response to the raw olympics event but such events can be linked to such a post about said event. A trip to Hawaii would need a thirty-day notice if not more.

As I can see, there is no way to separate events from holidays from birthdays in regard to the timing in which they're announced. The location of the announcement is the only place it can be changed - board index, calendar, both, or neither. 

Kyle's birthday seemed long in coming! It's here now so Happy B-day again!

Nicola's birthday is yet to come but we'll be notified seven days in advance, which I think is enough time for frequent and semi-frequent users to see it on the index page. Any member can see anyone's birthdays on the calendar at any time.

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