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Re: Journalistica
« Reply #175 on: February 01, 2011, 11:58:38 pm »

Yesterday I ate 4 whole sardines (bones scales face and all) and had some crazy dreams. I spit some parts out that didn't break down in my mouth. The day before I had 6 lambs tongues. I posted some other recent stuff here:
My downstairs neighbors have split I guess and took their internet with em' so it looks like I will be on a nice forced break again (in the evenings). Feels nice already to focus on other stuff..wind down etc...

Things in general have been good. I feel happier than I can remember around this time of year. I weighed in at ~175 with clothes on the other day and am throwing up ridiculous weight at the gym. I've been taking a break from cf due to the weather and being unable to ride my bike, so perhaps the deficit of cardio is doing its thing in that regard. I've still been working cardio into my routines however.

I'm pretty happy with the few routines I devised here:

Diet has been varied in a good way and some minor cooked compromises with the opposite sex. So far always stuff I make myself or clear alcohol. I mentioned here that I ate quite a few carbs from honey as an experiment

I still don't have the answers to such things, and although I have had some negative symptoms from the sugars..its seems like I have made alot of improvement in that regard...if people are curious about such things.


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