Author Topic: Are you having trouble eating raw meat??  (Read 8559 times)

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Re: Are you having trouble eating raw meat?? CALL ME in MANILA
« Reply #25 on: March 25, 2010, 08:46:35 am »
    The other day, I was complaining to myself how hard it is to eat raw meat without combating the barf reflex. So I went outside (I'm WWOOFing at a farm in California) and started eating. Before I knew it, a kitten came up to me and was pawing me on the leg. I gave it some of my raw ground beef and while watching it eat it became increasingly easier to eat my own beef. Eating raw with someone makes all the difference in the world! I've never come across anyone who eats raw meat before, but all animals love to eat raw meat. So the moral of this story is:

     If you can't eat your meat raw, ask a carnivore to join!

Yes, that is what is lacking to have more raw meat eaters... company.

If anyone is Manila based and wants to have some company to be able to eat raw meat, call me up... your treat!  ;D
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