Author Topic: High Meat - Starting Bacteria/Yeast Culture Problem  (Read 20 times)

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High Meat - Starting Bacteria/Yeast Culture Problem
« on: Yesterday at 08:19:00 pm »
Hey everyone.

I have been fighting candida for a long time now, slowly getting better but I just need to do a final addition to really get over it in the form of a probiotic.

When I make high meat I notice that some sort of yeast seems to grow on top, when I eat this type of high meat I seem to get very frustrated and angry, and my emotions seem to go away until the next morning. However, I have eaten other high meat that didn't seem to have this yeast, and that high meat made me very happy, as other people described the effect of high meat for them.

Now, I know I get the same reaction from eating yeasty foods, so I know that I am attracting the wrong type of fermentation bacteria. My question is how can I avoid this? I know that freezing kills yeast if it is in a hydrated environment, so I could try freezing fresh meat to render the yeast cells inactive, and then allowing the bacteria to take over before the yeast can colonize the fermenting product. Or I could try using a conventional starter culture for fermentation, however I do risk not getting the natural bacteria needed that produce the good high. Does anyone have any advice?


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