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University of California, scholars have conducted such a test: the six monkeys were kept in three availability yard, every two in the house were placed a certain amount of food, but do not put the same high position. The first houses of food on the ground, the second house were several food hanging from easy to difficult in different height, a third of food hanging in the roof of the house. A few days later, the first house they found the monkeys two casualties, a third house of two monkeys died, and only the second house of two monkeys to live happily.

The original, the first monkey in a house for a house to see the ground into the food, the food readily available to fight a fight, the result two casualties. Although the third monkey house made efforts, but food is too high, out of reach, had starved to death. Only the second house, two monkeys fed first by their ability, and finally with the increase in flying height of food, a monkey jump hold up the other monkeys feeding. This continues to secure enough food each day.

Inspiration: How to achieve the best combination of HR, HR managers have been very concerned about the issue. Difficult position too low, everyone is capable, does not embody the level of ability, and have actually promote the internal friction or even killed, like the first room houses two monkeys; the job too difficult, although efforts have not and, last talent was buried denied, as the third house of two monkeys. Only post appropriate difficulty, and step by step, as if the second house, the food, can truly experience the human capacity and the level of play to people's initiative and wisdom

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Re: The survival of monkeys: Placement ? only gradually because of
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    I agree it's not just what is eaten, but how it's eaten.

    This is from your site:
And we should pay attention to when looking to buy food manufacture date, especially frozen and deep-fried food, once expired will be bad, have a great impact on the skin.

    What is it?  A forum like this?  Or are you selling the teas?
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