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Your the 16 year dude right? Wise for a teenager...if your are actually telling the truth.

I would keep it secret also unless you have super cool folks. My mum eats raw meat everyday. About 500grams of fatty mince.

I must be lying  :)

What benefits did your mum notice from the meat?


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I used to work at a very large hydroelectric facility. There was a push in the company to expand into wind generation, however there were/are obstacles to that approach. The area in question, Labrador was chosen as it has the strongest most reliable wind profile of all the places in North America and it is largely unpopulated. Since I left they have expanded into wind generation.

The difficulty with wind power is that wind comes and goes so that the generators speed up then slow down. This is not OK for producing electricity because we need stable, constant, unchanging power. Anything else will ruin electronics, motors etc. So you need backup power to keep the grid stable. Backup power is actually not great because whether power is produced or not the generators need to operate. If they are not being used they still have to run which costs energy and the generators do not like to be operating at low power because they are designed to run at a specific speed, etc.

So one option that was looked at is to produce hydrogen fuel and oxygen from electrolysis powered by the wind generators and hydroelectricity as the electrolysis does not need to be constant. It was explained to me by one of the senior electrical engineers that the excess electricity could be used to produce hydrogen for cars etc. Apparently this was/is being looked into in Greenland / Iceland.

This is not a conspiracy theory and I feel strongly that eventually this will fill a niche in the energy mosaic. It may be possible to do this, but to start running cars on hydrogen could be a technological leap that we aren't at yet. Usually this type of leap takes a combination of the right person/people and a motive - usually money. I have seen excellent inventions die on the vine due to the person selling it losing interest or drive or whatever or maybe the "large oil companies are crushing them" LOL.

Reality is that the large oil companies are into making money and if they have the sense they would invest in the upstarts doing this kind of stuff if there is really something to it.

Hydrogen has weird properties when it burns. It is not like gasoline etc.

Yes hydrogen can be produced in this or other ways, with thermal solar energy in desert areas for instance. But as recalled by miles hydrogen handling is dangerous and more importantly it is much less convenient than liquid fuels because it is a gas at room temperature. Liquid fuels can actually be produced as hydrogen by means of solar or wind or nuclear fusion energy and would be a much better choice in many respects. Fossil fuels are solar energy stored in the past by life on this planet.

Yet the important point here is that whatever we'll do in future the present energy needs can be hardly met in this way and the cost of a gallon of such synthetic gasoline or its equivalent in energy in the form of hydrogen will be way more ( orders of magnitude more) than its present counterpart obtained from fossil fuels.

This is one bottleneck among others for the present economic system and world population being unsustainable. They are doomed to collapse in future.   
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At one time whales were hunted almost to extinction for their fat which was for lamps etc. Then the light bulb was invented. Now there's lots of whales.


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