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Let's create a Raw Paleo collaborative book.

It could be the first thing a newbie could read and it would save a lot of repeated Q&As.
Also it could serve as a centralized wiki that gathers all our common ideas in a structured way so that we can all quickly revise them, refine them, etc.

Write here your ideas about how it should be formed, which chapters to include or whatever you think it could be useful.

Here is my quick suggestion for a chapter listing:
0. Preface (why the book was written, research methods)
1. Introduction (brief description of RPD, how it came to be, story)
2. Cooked vs raw arguments
3. Why Neolithic foods are bad for us
4. Different RPD flavors
5. Food storage, best practices
6. Food combining and mono-eating
7. General guidelines about certain foods
8. Warnings about certain foods
9. Action plans and important notes
10. RPD Recipes (with pics!)
12. The Raw Paleo lifestyle (advice on how to deal with society etc)
# Appendix
# Glossary
# Resources
# Bibliography

Good idea. There's a lot of information on here but it's hard to find, and every newbie seems to reinvent the wheel with their questions.

Maybe not a book though...just a long faq?

I have already tried to do address some of the subjects raised above, among others,  on rawpaleodiet.com(re cooked vs raw arguments/raw food myths etc.) but haven't had time to deal with them all and gotten bogged down with other matters. Unfortunately, I am the only one currently interested in adding new articles to rawpaleodiet.com. I would far rather have others helping out as well.

so delegate! :)

I tried, the ones who offered didn't come through.


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