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Re: moldy berries
« Reply #25 on: September 29, 2010, 12:40:22 pm »
My raspberries are a bit over a month old and doing great. I didn't put a lid on them and other than mold there is nothing else I can see in there. I eat probably a heaping TBSP per day with cream, butter, coconut and honey and then again at night. My snoring has stopped.  ;D
i'm happy for you raw-al. but my husband really used to snore and after he consumed raw meat breakfast straight for a month, 90% snoring is gone. i'll make some moldy raspberries for him (it's not the season now) too. i know very well that he won't try the high meat like i do. still in the past i did try on him rotten meat forcefully though >:
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Re: moldy berries
« Reply #26 on: September 29, 2010, 04:35:24 pm »
I got rid of my snoring as soon as I cut out the raw dairy and went in for the raw meats. Prior to this, people did complain about my snoring a lot.
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Re: moldy berries
« Reply #27 on: September 29, 2010, 09:49:05 pm »
Snoring is a family tradition. My mother would wake up the dead. ;D ???

 Once I trued to figure it out by laying down in bed and relaxing as if I were asleep. I noticed that my tongue relaxed into my throat causing constriction causing vibration known as snoring. If I moved my head back I could prevent it by propping the pillow in a certain way but sometimes I would forget.

Also the homeopathic pills from Walmart called snore stop or something like that work but who wants to pop a pill every night. I thought about surgery at one point but reality set in. The rate of success is in the same category as witch doctors, maybe less. I asked my Ayurvedic doc and searched the books but alas came up with nar a clue.

Like Apnea I believe the constricted breathing at night affects one's health or maybe mood which is a longer term issue.

It isn't necessary to make the berries moldy, it just happened that I bought a bunch when they were in season. Works fresh or mouldy. BTW if whoever tries it starts to notice upset stomach just back off on the quantity. Raw meat didn't affect the snoring but it reduced the rotten gas :o >: at night issue.

My snoring continued unabated even after I gave up dairy completely for a 2-3 year period when I discovered that drinking pasteurized milk was bad news for me. The relief of issues was immediate and profound. My Ayurvedic doc gave me some suggestions for some spices to put in it so I could drink it and it was fine, but raw milk has been the solution for me.


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