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Question for Tyler
« on: November 20, 2010, 04:17:45 am »
Hey Tyler,

Hope you are well. A few quick questions sir;

I know you are a carb eater, and that ZC did not suit you. Do you know about how many grams of carbs you eat per day? Or about how much?

Also, the majority of your carbs is raw fruits, yer? What fruits do you go for in the UK?

Finally, when you started your raw paleo adventure your adrenals were burnt-out. Did you struggle to tolerate the fruits at first, or have they always caused no issue?

Are you concerned about your fructose intake? Hehe, I expect not.



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Re: Question for Tyler
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2010, 04:57:54 am »
My carb-intake varies. Some days I will eat no raw plants at all, just raw animal foods(or nothing at all). Other days, such as when my usual suppliers of raw animal foods let me down, I eat just raw plant foods. So daily intake of raw plant foods is anywhere between 0 to  1 kilo a day. Usually, I suppose I eat only c. 5-15 percent of my diet in the form of raw plant foods, but there are always occasions, here and there, where I am forced to eat raw plant foods if my raw meat suppliers don't deliver when I want.

Re fructose:- I am totally unconcerned re the fructose issue. The scares re fructose , in almost all cases, arise from studies focusing on refined fructose, not the fructose in raw fruits. So I am not worried re the issue, though I would, of course, never go 100 percent Fruitarian ever again.

Re adrenals:-  I never had problems with raw fruits per se, though I did develop nutritional deficiencies in the long-term, while being 100 percent Fruitarian, due to not eating any animal foods. Instead, what happened is that, over the years pre-RPD diet, I gradually developed increasing food-intolerance issues towards any cooked animal foods whatsoever, so that  I would get extremely painful stomach-aches shortly after eating them. I have read some stuff online re adrenal fatigue, and this symptom re increasing intolerance of (cooked) animal foods(and subsequent turning to vegan diets) seems to be a common characteristic of that condition.
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