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Re: Quick question regarding Protein/Fat ratio
« Reply #50 on: December 13, 2010, 05:20:53 am »
ok, I do disagree with your categorization here but other than paleo dieters, you have as i've said Primal Dieters, WAPD followers, vegans, and just countless traditional peoples who emphasize fat (even when they are not ketogenic) so even though we are talking mostly in regards to energy, you can't just say whole categories of food are pointless just because one can survive without them. This is totally ridiculous on a health forum, where people should be eating the healthiest foods per their properties and considering foods and macro-nutrients per their health issues, not just *whatever* foods are (possibly) workable and not poisonous.

basically when you make these statements what you are saying is, no matter what someones health issues are there will be virtually no difference in health or health progress from eating any range of fats or carbs as long as they are in acceptable ranges. That given the same person that increasing or lowering their fat and carbs and or protein would make no difference whatsoever and that added nutrition or lack of other issues in food left out - would not factor in at all? this can't possibly be correct on any level.

I think I will bow out of refuting that one but on a closing note re: protein supplements, you can't just pick one study with holes in it to justify things all the time. Theres plenty of peoples whole LC philosophies that are based on problems with what you are saying, with protein and with carbs. doesn't mean they are right, but the issues are not just with isolated proteins or refined sugars so that can't be your own rationale against them because they aren't going on those. Virtually everyone's protein intake here from my appraisal is over some 'specialists' acceptable ranges FWIW, so to say these issues are just pointless because they don't result in instant just rather too dismissive of both simple and complex issues around health.

Various points:-

I am not stating that raw fat-intake is entirely pointless, I am simply against the notion of laboriously micromanaging one's diet re fats or anything else, when our palaeo ancestors never needed to bother with such a stale, modern practice. And, like I said before, if one is eating rawpalaeo, one is eating at least some raw fats, anyway. As for raw fats, I find them useful just as I do raw proteins and raw carbs.

So I don't agree that that the 2nd paragraph describes what I meant to say.Besides, I have always encouraged people to experiment re increasing or decreasing raw carbs etc.

Re 3rd paragraph:- I was not referring to any old study re protein supplements, I was referring to a whole mass diet fad surrounding liquid protein diets, which directly resulted in numerous deaths, so I don't think I needed a study to back that point up!

You seem to be saying that a few people do need to worry re fat- or carb-ratios. of course, I never disputed that, as some people end up with such awful, unique health-problems that specific foods, even raw ones, cause problems. However, I view food-science to be so new, that the  claims re protein limits have not been satisfactorily proved, in my opinion(that business re 100g as an upper limit, for example), which is another reason why I frown on micromanaging diets.
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Re: Quick question regarding Protein/Fat ratio
« Reply #51 on: December 13, 2010, 05:54:12 am »
yes, a little bit of a step down from 'pointless' here above. :)

This is all fine. To argue minutiae, I would say everyone is going to have some range that they are going to heal or progress optimally, whether the stress of micromanaging makes it worthwhile I do not know. The main difference was not that high fat diets are needed/managed, but that a high fat diet might be a valuable choice and consideration for more than just people who eliminate carbs entirely. The protein thing is really much more up in the air, and don't take heed to it entirely myself, but was just one of many factors that reasonably points to excessive fats being less of an issue than proteins on a low carb diet.


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