Author Topic: Proof Thermate May Have Been Used to Bring Down WTC in 911  (Read 1552 times)

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Proof Thermate May Have Been Used to Bring Down WTC in 911
« on: December 29, 2010, 11:26:29 pm »
Outstanding experiment!  Hats off to you Jon Cole!

Professional engineer Jon Cole cuts steel columns with thermate, debunks Nat Geo & unexpectedly reproduces WTC anomalies

Engineer Jonathan Cole tries several different configurations, including one that would fit completely inside the bolt-access holes of WTC perimeter columns, and a configuration that only destroyed the bolts between perimeter columns. Some exploded, or generated quick successions of small explosions, others only produced flows of molten iron. He put together simple devices himself using common, commercially-available materials, as he shows in the video.

National Geographic made a TV program trying to bolster the official reports and debunk conspiracy theorists, where they used 175 pounds of thermite and concluded that no thermite "of any type" could cut through steel columns, giving the impression that it was impossible.

Cole has not only successfully cut through steel with less than 5 pounds of a thermate compound as you can see in the above video, but in the process he's reproduced several anomalous events at the WTC, from explosions, to expulsions of gray dust/debris, to white-hot flowing metal and melted steel with the appearance of swiss cheese.

Cole set out to answer three questions:

1. Can thermitic material melt steel?

Conclusion: Yes.

2. Can it cut steel horizontally or vertically?

Conclusion: Yes.

3. Does it take massive quantities to do any real damage?

Conclusion: It takes only a few pounds to melt completely through steel that is over an inch thick.

In addition to this, he unexpectedly reproduced the following WTC events:

1. He reproduced a flow of molten iron identical to this flow filmed coming from WTC2 minutes before its collapse:

2. He reproduces steel reduced to razor-thickness and with holes eaten through it via the "high-temperature corrosive attack" of the thermate and just as the steel featured in FEMA appendix C from the WTC:

3. He reproduces the violent expulsions of dust and debris from the WTC witnessed both before and especially during their destructions:

4. He produces sounds (explosions) consistent with witness testimony, and he even compares his experiments to a witness's testimony in the video above at 12:35.

So yes, there are forms of thermite that can eat through vertical steel columns, and National Geographic itself has been debunked, along with anyone else who has in the past said this is an impossible. Pass this video along to the stubborn; they can't say we didn't tell them so.

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