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Re: Excellent Read
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2008, 11:07:54 pm »
I missed it in the past... Thanks fo reminder!
It’s time to Eat Like An Animal!

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Re: Excellent Read
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2008, 12:54:26 am »
I bought the book.
Recipe for living without disease.
It is a complement to the first book.
Should be part of any one's library.

I agree on the bacteria and virus point of view as part of our human system, our own bacteria and viruses are good, they're ours.
I do have a caveat that some bacteria and viruses may not be from our own, as all animals have their own, a mosquito or a worm will carry its own.

I do not agree that all parasites are good, for example animal type parasites.  Yes, there are good parasites.
If we ate a clean, unpolluted diet, the intestinal parasites are good to us, beneficial to us.
These same parasites turn nasty in the presence of pollution.
These same good parasites wind up in the wrong organs because of pollution.

So, yes, the parasites are good, in their natural state.  But in the presence of pollution, they may cause havoc.  As a healer, you use your judgment if the parasites need to be kicked out.  Then you do your herbal dewormer and zapping and at the same time remove the pollutants. 

When the job is done, patient is well, then you leave the parasites alone in symbiotic bliss with the healthy human.

Of course there are some parasites that are not symbiotic with us, say mosquitoes.  Nasty and irritating.  We got a lot of mosquitoes here.
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