Author Topic: Jealousy of Indigenous Tribes and Hate of Neolithic and Polluting Society  (Read 1621 times)

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Ooh everytime I watch Discovery Channel and watch segments on Indigenous Tribes I get soo jealous wishing I could live in nature and in the wild all the time and be free of pollutions and toxins and it just makes me hate Neolithic Society, no civilization even more. Anyone else feel this way?

Anyone else wish they could just go to the Amazon forest, or African Desert, or a forest or a river anywhere and go out and live in the wild. I've thought of it , but with all the wild animals and insects and lack of knowledge on water i'd probably die since i'd be by myself w/o a tribe or any help - at least tribes have a togetherness to help each other survive.

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move to a farm my friend, a rural farm here in the united states, you will learn a lot of these skills, there are many "rewilding" and wilderness skills/sustainability/homesteading skills farms/homesteads/communities where you can work along with these people and learn how to sustain yourself and create a life in those kind of communities.....dont let the television fool you to make you think it is so far away, only in the past or out of your reach!


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