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chlorine detox
« on: July 29, 2008, 06:42:49 am »
Well, the outdoor pool we visit was just toxic with chlorine today.  My guys had burning eyes for hours afterwards, as they do the high dive all the time.  Thankfully I didn't have these problems or I couldn't have driven home.  It was so bad though.  There's been this crytosporidium parasite locally and they are killing people with chemicals to get rid of the problem, all while letting babies, who are known to defecate without control, swim in the pool (albeit with swim diapers and never in the deep end where we hang out).  It is a huge pool, 1 million gallons, but it was loaded with chlorine

I'm going to serve some kelp with dinner, as I know chlorine - a class 7A element - will compete for iodine receptors (or some such thing).  We drank a ton of fluids after swimming.  What else might be good to purge the chlorine out of our system?  Dandilion greens?  Cilantro?  Parsley?  Something else?

Satya, who will swim at the lake while this continues


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