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« on: September 13, 2008, 01:33:25 pm »
I hope you don't mind if I think out loud a bit, since I think we are all about the business of self-sustainment. 

I’ve been thinking about the whole survivalism concept for a while now.  I just got out of the Navy about two and a half months ago.  (that’s why I was stationed in Korea)  If I don’t retire to the Philippines next year, I’m going to use my GI Bill to go to school here in Hawai’i and major in mechanical/chemical engineering, if possible.  I’ve been thinking about the true meaning of success and what it really means.  I use to be a translator in the Navy.  (I speak 8 languages)  But I’m still not successful in my own eyes.  I want to be able to do most of everything myself.  Think about this scenario and brainstorm with me if you will:

A rich man wants to set up his own civilization and he goes to a college to recruit students with knowledge in different essential areas.  In order to successfully create a modern society of his own, students with what majors would need to be taken to his secluded place to achieve his goal? 

here are some majors I think are needed:

- basic survival skills  i.e.  making a fire without matches, finding water, etc. ->  I’m not sure what major would know how to do these extremely critical skills that primitive societies knew very well
- to grow plants/take care of animals -> I’m not sure what major would know how to do this… agriculture major maybe 
- to find different types of metals/precious stone -> geological engineering
- to change metals shape etc. ->  metallurgy/metalworking
- to build things like cars, aircraft, boats, appliances, camera/camcorder, guns, simple/complex tools  ->   mechanical engineering
- to make explosives, gas, harnessing energy or to make his car or plane run off water -> chemical engineering
-to create electricity, computers, electrical circuits, phones -> electrical engineering
- to understand what plants are used for what ailments/diseases, repel insects, dangerous -> botany
- to understand insects (which ones are edible/nonedible, dangers, etc.) -> entomology
-to understand fish (which ones are edible/nonedible, dangers, etc.) ->  I’m not sure what major would know this
-to deal with wood, trees -> forestry
-to treat major/minor injuries (maybe from a lion, sting ray, snake, spider attack) -> med student
- make, understand glass -> I’m not sure what major would know this

I’m probably missing things so pls. post your thoughts or correct my if something is incorrect.  Thanks!

P.S. – I often wonder if there are actually people out there who know how to do all that I’m listing here and more.  Maybe someone will try to learn all this or maybe I will!  ?

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Re: self-sustainment
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2008, 05:43:04 pm »
Basically,  you should research anything online re the concept of "survivalism" which is all about self-sufficiency and independence from civilisation.
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Re: self-sustainment
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2008, 08:16:38 pm »
Ichthyologists study fish.


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