Author Topic: what is adrenal fatigue/burnout?  (Read 13518 times)

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Re: what is adrenal fatigue/burnout?
« Reply #25 on: March 16, 2012, 08:06:33 am »
Dear Charlie.
Adrenal burnout is real.
I also think I know the answer how to heal.
But you gotta read it self cause only so you will truly find healing.
You got to really really want it, so much that you are willing to read through this blog (that is not the easiest reading but SO worth it!!!);

Raw alone will not heal you IMHO. But this will. You can do it raw if you like of course, or not. Raw is not the most important thing.

Follow the holy trinity. It will bring back all you wish for. :-*
I know it cause it is about to follow the laws of mother nature. Only this can really heal you.
This is NOT to eat Fruit in mid of the winter, to eat outside of the seasons.. to use artificial lights 24/7.. keeping cozy warm 24/7...

If you have Northern ancestors, and live in Hawaii, and also messing up it all for so long - you might need to do certain things to regain your health because of your genetics.
It is all in the blog. :) And it will cost you not a cent. Instead you will be saving money. ;)

From the blog - Jacks thoughts before going to speak at a Paleo-conference;

Jack is a Neurosurgeon with his own praxis. He is a real brain-hormone-expert believe me.


I doubt I would need to read all of this.  Can you summarize what is important and is an actual suggestion?  What foods does he suggest, what fat/protein/carb ratio, what's his view on sunlight, importance of others, exercise, medication, sleep, amount of food?


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