Author Topic: "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free " (John, 8:32)  (Read 12972 times)

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I agree with KD that "pure"  instinctive nutrition must be way different from the purported "instinctive nutrition" of the "classical  theory" put up by GCB  which most instincto have to follow due  their sedentary life habits. 

Our denatured food environment ( even when raw) sets an internal  limit to the validity of  the theory without invalidating the theory itself.   It just shows that changes in our food habits must go hand in hand with changes in agricultural practice.

If appropriate food quality is essential , a proper mental setting is  as essential to the correct  functionning of one's instinct.  This is where the "money factor" and "stressful life"  must be factored in. 

Having spent  a couple of months  in Montramé as a "working guest" who did not have to  pay for his meals, I could see how the lack of concern for the actual price  of food helped produce a  detached attitude  REQUIRED by our food instinct. The situation of instincto at home is  different in so much as one wants to eat all the food before it gets wasted. So you end up caring for  your "investment"  as much as you care about your smell and taste reactions.  Unless you do not care for money (apart from religious minded people, few can offer such disregard  ) you just can't help eating that much fresh food  you have purchased.   

The stress factor and the quality in life in general play a great part in the overall volume of  food intake, as  they determine our level of attention to internal signals. The fact that internal signals of hunger  can be made imperceptible under dramatic psychological circumstances (  lovers living only by fresh water....)  is a proof that no only our physiological status but also our psychological  mindset can render   taste /smell  signals more or less perceptible. If we would live in a congenial atmosphere, replete with beautiful landscape, fine music and architecture, caring humans, and squirrels eating the remains of our hazelnuts at our feet,  chances are that we would not be caring as much about  getting  our daily dose of wild mangos.

I'm probably stating the obvious so I'm stopping here. Don't want to "teach grandmother how to suck eggs"     

"De tous les animaux, l'homme est celui qui se sert le moins de son instinct ; et pourtant c'est celui qui est le plus malade" (  un doyen de la Faculté de Médecine de Paris, un demi-siècle avant la naissance de Sarkozy )

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Living a life in harmony with ones instincts and intuition unbound to stagnant lifeless dogmatic beliefs, is the Ideal.

The problem is there seems to other dimensions involved in this thing called humanity besides the need to satisfy our innate biological drives. There is this ever present call out for providence within the human soul that seeks the guidance of something more divine.    Man kind seeks liberation from perpetual servitude to the animal instinct, and its constant demands to maintain biological homeostasis, and pass on DNA. This call for religion, and the desire for an orderly, purpose filled mind seems to often trump out the call of the wild in modern man. In following religious dogmas mankind has learned to cull his primal instincts, and redirect the primal energies toward the development of the humanities.

The refinement of lofty and divine ideals, that can be passed down the generations is our legacy as a species. The Petrifaction of those ideals into stagnant belief is the curse of of species.

Perhaps the formation of human belief could be called cultivating the fruit of knowledge. It may have been what was responsible for the figurative exile from Eden and the cause of the birth of humanity.

The ability to move contrary to ones instincts is the hallmark of the human spirit and something I am not yet willing to give up entirely. 

The task at hand is to develop a way to have the best of both worlds. Use the power of the mind to cultivate a deep connection and awareness of the primal instincts separate from dogmatic belief. Focus the minds eye on finding ways to attain the biological imperatives necessary for living in tune with ones true nature. Its up to the individual to decide what that nature may be.
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