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Re: How to start
« Reply #50 on: May 31, 2013, 02:51:17 pm »
For Instincto to work and be a healthy diet it would have to base on what grows in the season where you live.
ONLY that way I can agree it might a great theory. Any other way is just an illusion and a lie. Sorry to be harsh but it is a biologic fact we can only consume carbs when we get plenty of sunlight on our skin, without getting hurt in one way or another. The sicker we are the more it will hurt to live in such a mismatch.
There is a reason why fruit grows only in seasons or places with lots of sun and not too cold.

There is a reason to that.

Everything in nature happends for a reason.

As long as Instincto do not see this fact, the theory is flawed to me.

Inger, eating in season is favorable. I agree with that. But as long as you are suffering of diseases one should eat foodstuff that helps your body rebuilding/healing most. Apparently there is a heavy bias towards exotic (tropical) fruits in such conditions. Maybe we are most adapted to these fruits?


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Re: How to start
« Reply #51 on: November 09, 2013, 01:21:00 am »
Simone, how are you doing? Still stick to instinctive eating?

The progresses I've made are:
- I only eat at lunch and dinner and no more throughout the day, as Burger recommend (I realized that after I stopped eating when I was not hungry the problem of mucus is gone)
- As regards the fruit I do only mono meals and as regards the vegetables sometimes mono meals, other times I eat foods together (usually not more than two)
- Unfortunately I have not yet begun to eat animal foods because I can not find it cheap and high quality

I managed to find only: oysters reared in France, sardines fished in the Mediterranean Sea, organic eggs, tuna caught in the Pacific and in the Atlantic. The meat is raised only with cereals (not including antibiotics and synthetic hormones). Regarding the fish, however, fear the parasite anisakis...


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