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Why do you do zero carb?
« on: May 05, 2008, 01:20:17 pm »
For those doing zero carb, I'd like to know why you chose this path.

I first chose this version when I read the diet and testimonial of Lex on the rawpaleodiet Yahoo group. I loved the constant calm energy and clear thinking. That first run didn't last very long. At first I blamed it on purines in the meat. I started getting a rapid heartbeat, unquenchable thirst, felt hot all the time and was getting weak and lightheaded. It took some time before I discovered that it was actually salt but before I narrowed it down to that, I'd started consuming green smoothies and celery juice. My symptoms improved but the food cravings came back as did the ups and downs in energy and before I knew it, I was off the diet - eating SAD once again. I gained back the weight I'd lost and then some.

This time around, after researching salt deficiency and being almost certain that was the cause of my symptoms during the first trial, it's gone very well. I'll never go back to eating overt carbs again.

As for the salt, it takes time for the kidneys to adjust from a high salt intake to a low one. I don't have the symptoms I had the first time. As it's been getting hotter (I do manual outdoor labor) I've been sweating more. I cannot taste any salt in my sweat so my body is definitely getting better at conserving it. I can also tell now when I need a little extra salt because I can really start to taste it in my meat! It makes me want to eat more of it just for the salty taste that most "normal" people probably couldn't even detect. I'll just add a pinch of sea salt - it doesn't take much - and my taste for salt disappears.

I've started rambling but essentially, that's why I do zero carb. I simply feel and run better on fat than on carbs.


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Re: Why do you do zero carb?
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2008, 01:37:38 pm »
Right now, I'm strictly doing raw beef fat (white fat from the ribs) and some rib eye and tenderloin. Three meals a day. I eat some organs when I can get them. Just this past week I was able to throw down some raw thyroid which was quite tasty to my surprise. Hopefully next week I can get my hands on some kidney, more thyroid and some heart. Small amounts of liver on occasion work well; too much (which isn't much at all really) just runs through me and can make me feel funky.

I feel better and more energized on just fat and protein. I get manic and tired on just small amounts of carbs. I also would like to test to see how far I can bring my training and intensity in weightlifting and in the mixed martial arts on this regimen of meat and fat; see how much muscle I can build.
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Re: Why do you do zero carb?
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2008, 08:32:48 pm »

At the moment I eat 700 grams of ground grassfed beef mixed with 300 grams ground grassfed suet to make what I call my Meat Mix! I often freeze it for my week ahead.

I can too taste the salt in my meat mix now and half way through the day (I often do heavy lifting in hot conditions)  I usually start to crave it, especially the bloody salty taste! to get this I make sure all the blood goes into my mix, the more the better at the moment. Often stains the fat red.

It tastes better than cooked food to me now...

I'm still tweaking my Meat Mix and still plan to add organ meats which I'm still bolting after 1+ years! just not tough enough...

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Re: Why do you do zero carb?
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2008, 01:19:32 am »
I can completely relate to both of you re the carbs and salt!
I'd originally thought that maybe my kidneys were damaged from a too high salt intake and that's why I need to add some sea salt sometimes but now that you mention blood, I'm sure our ancestors got much more blood than we do today. That would have taken care of any salt issues.



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