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Almost fainted in public transportation...
« on: June 03, 2013, 11:36:43 pm »
Hi, I'm hoping if you guys can help me:

Yesterday I had a pretty nasty experience, I was standing in the public transport on the way to a friends house to swim, when suddenly my blood pressure started dropping. Very quickly it got very low, so I reached for my little bottle of clay and water ( lately I've been drinking my water with clays: zeolites and bentonite) gave it a gulp. It didn't helped, and also I had a bowel movement. Then I lost consciousness but came back quickly. Everything sounded distant, I felt week and cold and pale.  I didn't fall and thankfully I was near my friends house now, so I got out. I was sweating cold, but after I was out, my body sort of started producing heat and I felt "normal" then. When I arrived to my friends house I went to the bathroom and had a  liquid stool. I got my blood sugar tested and it was 150. I only had the juice of a grapefruit and some chia gel ( I don't drink this regularly, I was experimenting for the last 2 days with it) in the last 2 hrs. Then, since his mom's a doctor, she checked my pressure and it was low, she checked 3 times. I think the last one was 90 50 although I don't remember well. She told me it was probably from not eating salt ( which I haven't eaten in a while).

This is the first time I've had an episode like this. I had some minor postural hipotension when I tried going 0 carbs (two trys, first cooked, then raw) , but didn't have issues after. Since it's not been long since I began RAVF for health issues, I still worry about every detail, so instead of writing compulsively everything that might be wrong, I'll try to make the shortest summary possible.

I'm 23 years old now. I began having digestive issues since august 2012. Really bad colitis, brain fog, anal itching, painful bloating, indigestion, insomnia, irritation. I began seeing doctors and taking medicine, but nothing helped. So by February 2013, distressed, I began doing diet changes. First I gave up dairy and gluten. Then I found out about candida, and after researching I began a gaps, candida diet. And after two weeks of die off, I began to feel better, almost all my digestive problems ended. But my energy wasn't coming back and new symptoms appeared, like insatiable hunger some times. Then I had a pretty ugly episode, where for 1 week I stopped digesting all fiber, which brought me immense pain. After that I began eating only broth and boiled meat, and a lot of coconut oil.  And again I felt better, although the transition to 0 carbs was sluggish. So after 3 weeks,  I found about fructose malabsortion, and I began adding some fruits without discomfort, and soon after I found out about raw meat. So I made the transition to RAVF. I had two strong detoxes. First when I accidentally flushed my gallstones, and then when I drank a heavy metal detox drink by AV, which gave me massive diarrhea ( I didn't drink as much fat as he suggested) which I could only stop by drinking a lot of zeolites/activated charcoal. Both gave me more energy, but still not enough. Right now I think my liver's still bad. I began getting pain from it again, and weaker digestion, and I look bloated altough not much gas. So I made a quick flush, but didn't pass stones, and I'm  preparing for another. I'm drinking ACV, stopped eating as much fat, ate more fruit, which raised too much my blood sugar, and well, began feeling weak mindend all the time. Right now I'm sort of planning doing  a 2 days orange fast with coffee enemas and then a liver flush, though not sure If it is a good idea now.

Also I thought I should mention I smoke pipe tobacco. Maybe between a pipe or two a day, its sometimes the only thing that helps me concentrate. And that I've been going lately to the sauna and doing much more excercise.

Anyways thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.

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Re: Almost fainted in public transportation...
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2013, 05:27:11 am »
Consider experimenting with salt. My blood pressure was getting lower and lower, and also I noticed my overall energy declining. I use Real Salt.
Disclaimer: I was told I was misdiagnosed over 10 years ago, and I haven't taken any medication in over a decade.

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Re: Almost fainted in public transportation...
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2013, 06:04:44 am »
I agree.  Get some sea salt, unrefined Celtic Grey is some of the best.


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