Author Topic: USA Farmer Faces Over 2 Years Jail, $10K Fines for Feeding Community  (Read 9498 times)

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Re: USA Farmer Faces Over 2 Years Jail, $10K Fines for Feeding Community
« Reply #25 on: May 20, 2013, 01:24:21 am »
Sj may be alaive or simply not high level enough. Maybe he pissed someone off and they gave him a cancer virus. He could have been injected with cancer virus simply because someone wanted to take his position, the elite kill each other all the time. I do know that his cancer was totally gone for years and then came back. You never really know with these things. If you know about apples history you know he is not very well liked at apple and has been kicked out before and constantly messed iwth by people trying to kick him out. I cant say why, again, we may never know.

call me crazy all you want. Anyone who knows anything knows the military has access higher levels of medical technology than the general public. And thats just talking about the level above ours. There are many beyond it.

THere is nothing new on this earth, read ancient histories (and i mean really ancient, like the oldest indian histories for example) and you will see that what is seen as the highest level of technology today has been around forever, it was just called magic. In this hindu histories youv got supercomputers wars with atom bombs dropping out of flying saucers. It is common knowledge now that the egyptians were using at least lightbulbs back in the day,

The highest level of medical technology (all technology) has always existed, it is simply about who gets access to it and when.


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