Author Topic: Raw vegan recipes to replace more processed sweets like chocolates  (Read 1447 times)

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I know that most of us  RVAFers do not bother to make complicated raw food recipes. This is usually restricted to RVAF diet followers such as the ones copying Carol Alt. Some of us go in for mashing up raw organs to make a kind of liquid smoothie, among other things. I also  know that there are plenty of female RVAFers who like to make raw food recipes so as to make the dishes more presentable etc. However, some of us probably like to entertain non-RVAFers without making their health-problems worse and yet, at the same time, not offending them by offering them raw meat dishes. Raw vegan recipes are more socially acceptable  to non-RVAFers, so the above link and the book mentioned therein might be useful to some here.
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