Author Topic: breathalyzers for measuring blood ketones  (Read 3390 times)

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breathalyzers for measuring blood ketones
« on: September 03, 2013, 02:15:03 am »
Being ZC for a while now and using my dad's breathalyzer, I frequently blow anywhere from .02-.10% BAC. I've been searching and cant seem to find anything correlating these numbers with blood ketones. Does anybody have any idea if there is something I haven't found that shows if I blow a .10 (like this morning) it means I'm at 3.0 blood ketones, or something similar?

Also, in terms of risk of getting pulled over, taking a breathalyzer, failing, going to jail, does anybody know how to beat this? Does the blood alcohol read ketones the same way breath alcohol tests read breath acetone (ethyl alcohol)? Or do I have to ask to be given a breathalyzer every 2 hours to prove that my "alcohol content" isn't going down and that my body is producing the false positive?

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