Author Topic: Vice article featuring Me  (Read 202247 times)

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Re: Vice article featuring Me
« Reply #475 on: July 11, 2023, 07:40:24 pm »
I salute your bravery to fight in-person against this genocidal New World Order mafia.

I myself just helped anonymously by helping a group get financed and in touch with a solid law firm that is high up there who can fight at the Supreme Court level.

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Re: Vice article featuring Me
« Reply #476 on: July 12, 2023, 10:19:58 pm »
I still don't understand how the supplies are admissible. They have nothing to do with the reason they gave to get the judge to sign the search order, do they?

And they're not even charging you for the supposed crime that was the justification they used for the raid. Will your attourney file a motion to dismiss, or whatever the legal name for such proceeding is? And does he have to wait until the date of the trial for this?

I will repeat here what I already told you, nobody is preventing you from speaking out about this, unless and until they put you behind bars. You don't have to make an international case out of this if it's not necessary to get you to walk. That's a very risky move and I would even say it's probably contrary to your goals, if your goal is to shine a light on the bug hoax and not bring down the pharma establishment as a whole..

You seem to be trying to slay two dragons at once, all while fighting for your own safety and survival. I will again suggest you pick your fights wisely, and live to fight another day.

Best of luck either way, and let us know how this proceeds and if you need any help.
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