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High Fat
« on: October 04, 2013, 09:46:10 am »

Does anyone eat high fat?

I did high meat for quite awhile after I took up the raw diet, but I was wondering if the high fat is useful?

Is the smell as strong? My wife objects strenuously to this part of the high foods.


Dr. D:

Sometimes my fat gets a little high smelling and tasting and I don't care for it nearly as much as fresh fat. Usually it dries out first though and just gets really hard. I think this is oxidized fat right? PP says there is a hormetic effect in a little bit of oxidized fat,but I doubt its healthy to eat as much high/oxidized fat as high meat.


van :

I agree that high fat will mostly be oxidized fat, and hormetic effects are sure to be difficult to ever know about for sure.   I've got big slabs of fat hanging in my fridge, and they do dry out (water removal due to low humidity).  I have been tasting every day or so to see if I can detect oxidation.   I do though wash vigorously in warm running water when in doubt as the oxidative parts would be that on the outside (I also wash it due to it coming to me in vacuum plastic).  I'd stick with high meat.      The fat on any killed animal is first to get eaten along with organs.  Thus in nature I think it would be a rarity at least for animals to have developed over time eating much fat that had any age to it.


Dr. D.

Fat on the animal is usually covered between the muscle and skin, so yes it is usually the first part eaten if going in through the skin. Or in the odd case of finding an animal that was killed and left for a few days so the muscle meat is high, the fat would not be exposed to any air in the meantime so it would not oxidize. That's how animals hang for weeks and the fat is not dried out at the end.

Fat and air just don't seem to mix.
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