Author Topic: Frozen, dried or cold-smoked salted meat? What is worse in your opinion?  (Read 1478 times)

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What is worse in your opinion? Frozen, dried or cold-smoked salted meat?
Muscles, organs and fat.

I'm thinking of buying a half horse for meat.

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Cold-smoked would be worst.
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I would never salt meat. Also, I do not freeze because I have better options.

I always use dry aging - hanging untrimmed whole muscles, quarters, organs, etc. - on hooks in my refrigerator. With this option, you can go for aging with or without drying.

If I dry meat, I do not season it, and I hang long slices in a warm (~90 F) convection current.
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Dried is best, then frozen and salted and smoked is worse IMO

I eat pre frozen meat regularly and it is fine for me. Of course I prefer fresh but I can only get fresh game in season (fall)
Just the frozen meat have to be eaten fast after thawing.


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