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Re: healing cuts
« Reply #25 on: February 09, 2009, 08:21:38 pm »
I agree that flax oil is easily oxidized. The health benefits however far far outweigh the problem if it handled properly. You usually find it in health food stores in a refrigerator. I get mine from Bionature and they send literature with calculations on how much to buy based on how much you are using in order to keep it fresh. It comes in a dark brown bottle with a self sealing squeeze hole and an additional cap. Flax oil is one of the few oils that stays liquid in the refrigerator. I keep anything more than a few weeks supply in the freezer. I have also vacuum sealed bottles of the oil for further protection.

I rub my body down with the oil after a hot shower and feel great. It has anti-inflammation properties. I think it get absorbed into the body before oxidation takes place.

I used to take the oil orally  as a supplement to balance my nutritional fatty acid profile, but now use freshly ground flax seed. The seeds have antioxidants that protect the oil. The seeds are about 40% omega 3.  javascript:void(0)
Naturally, Don


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