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Re: Only 2 of 12 Tribes Consumed ANY Dairy
« Reply #50 on: September 13, 2010, 02:42:16 am »
Hypocrite. You previously went on the bandwagon some months ago claiming that the French were super-healthy people as regards diet.
Utter nonsense. Firstly, what does "super-healthy people as regards diet" mean as compared to just "super-healthy people"? Does it mean they are supposed to be super-healthy when they're eating food and then unhealthy when they're not? Do you mean the diet is claimed to be healthy but the people are not? I don't even know what that is supposed to mean so I certainly didn't write it anywhere. Show me where you claim I wrote that so I can understand what you're referring to.

I posted positive comments about France but I didn't claim that all French people are "super-healthy". I've personally met French people of merely average health so why on earth would I contradict my own experience? And why would someone who eats a hunter-gatherer style diet think that the French Neolithic diet is optimal? It makes no sense. Making note of the historical contribution of the French people and culture to the ancestral diet and lifestyle movement (which was in part inspired as a counter-balance to your rantings against the French) and making note of the many times that connections between raw and Paleo and France have come up in this forum and elsewhere is not equivalent to claiming that all French people of today are "super-healthy". These claims are so ridiculous they are either astoundingly stupid or outright lies. You have a habit of exaggerating other people's statements to an extreme degree and it greatly undermines your credibility. The straw man tactic is clearly your favorite.

If you know of far more raw or Paleo European nations and raw ancestral diet movements like Instincto elsewhere in Europe, then by all means share with us. I would be happy to learn about such things and to give those nations their due. I'm more interested in praising the positive contributions of various nations and peoples than in your habit of ranting about their inadequacies. I not only don't claim that the entire French nation is "super-healthy," I've never made that claim about any nation and I don't know of one that is. Do you? I don't know which is the healthiest European nation, but I suspect it might be one of the Scandinavian nations, rather than France, because I've read some positive reports about general health in Scandinavia and I've read that they eat a fair amount of raw fish. Are you now going to claim that I've said that the Scandinavians are super-healthy? If not, why the double-standard? Like the French, the Scandinavians also have health problems. I've seen reports that osteoporosis is a significant issue among them. I suppose the closest thing to that I know of to super-healthy nations are Kitava and Okinawa, but they're not even sovereign independent nations, AFAIK.  

It took me and 1 or 2 French members of rawpaleoforum to laboriously point out your many errors in making such an absurd claim. Same goes as regards Noble Savagery arguments you made in the past, re your defence of Weston-Price, who was THE primary advocate of Noble Savage notions.
You don't strike me as stupid, so these must surely be lies rather than idiocy. I have repeatedly stated that I don't advocate "noble savagery" nor the Weston Price diet (nor the WAPF diet for that matter). You are the only one in this forum who has suggested these things about me and you continue to do so even after I have repeatedly asked you to stop. If anyone else thinks these things then they should by all means speak up, but if you think that others do then I suspect that you're just imagining it. I've even had WAPF and dairy supporters criticize me and debate what I've posted both here and at the Paleofood forum, so your claims lack any credibility. I didn't defend everything that Weston Price wrote, how could I when I frequently post about my poor history with dairy? Heck, I've even agreed with you in this very thread: "and once in a while I even agree with Tyler, such as on the likely sub-optimal nature of dairy foods as compared to raw animal body fats." To accuse someone who doesn't even eat dairy of being purely a defender of Weston Price is so ridiculous it it borders on the insane. I merely refuted some of your extreme exaggerations about Weston Price, France and North Africa, as have others. Stop misrepresenting me, Raw-Al and anyone else who disagrees with you! I have asked you repeatedly and my patience with your behavior is growing thin. If you didn't at least provide some good info now and then I wouldn't have put up with any of it.

I wonder if you make these ridiculous accusations just to get me to say more critical stuff about Weston Price, the WAPF, Gary Taubes, other dairy supporters and dairy in general? One tendency of yours I've noticed is that if anything dares to say anything slightly positive about dairy or dairy proponents, you go ballistic and accuse the poster of being defenders of them. You come across as having some unresolved emotional issues re: your bad past experiences with dairy.

And BTW, why is it OK for you to recommend Weston Price as a source, as below, yet castigate me for correcting some of your exaggerations re: him?
Quote from: van
Tyler,  are there 'easy' references you could point to for reading how the Inuit ate a lot more raw than Steffanson points out.   He does write though about eating frozen fish throughout the winter.

Just read Weston Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration book which contains the details.

As for your issues with France and North Africans, if you don't even recognize your past comments as having a negative tilt, that merely suggests that you're oblivious to it. Is it only coincidence that you seem to blow a gasget any time anyone says anything positive about France or the French (in addition to dairy, Weston Price, and Gary Taubes) or dares to disagree with you about any of your hot-button topics (such as ZC, pemmican, fruit and autism)? It's hilarious how easy it is to get you riled up about it. If you're not going to do that anymore then that is good news for the interests of reasonableness and science, though it would mean fewer laughs.

BTW, need I remind you that the Normans were not originally French, nor do they represent all of French people or culture? They originated in Scandinavia and came to France as invaders:

"The Normans were the people who gave their name to Normandy, a region in northern France. They were descended from Viking conquerors of the territory and the native population of mostly Frankish and Gallo-Roman stock. Their identity emerged initially in the first half of the tenth century, and gradually evolved over succeeding centuries. The name "Normans" derives from Nortmanni (Northmen), after the Vikings who founded Normandy."

Plus, many of the Normans moved on to England, which is how you and I got our Norman ancestry, and their descendents eventually regarded themselves as English/British and even went to war with France. So it's quite possible to adore the Normans while despising the rest of the French and French culture. If there's something you like about the French or North Africans, no one is stopping you from sharing it.

Personally, though, I would be happier if I didn't depend on them and behaved like my Cro-Magnon ancestors.
Based on your past and current behavior, if I wrote that you would probably claim I was promoting "noble savagery," yet for some reason it's OK for you to do it.
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Re: Only 2 of 12 Tribes Consumed ANY Dairy
« Reply #51 on: September 13, 2010, 06:17:30 pm »
As usual, you've written a whole load of absurd claims about what I said and are , curiously very defensive indeed re your past comments in praise of Weston-price's Noble Savage notions etc.

Since most of the above is just a load of old cobblers, and , anyway, your past discussions are a matter of record on rawpaleoforum given past threads over the years, I think I'll just leave it to others to navigate the forum and see what was really said(there's, for example) an old thread in which Carnivore, a previous French member, and I believe Alphagruis contributed to, in which PP makes a paen of praise about the supposed "health" of the French. It'll avoid more name-calling from both sides, as it's just getting boring.

Oh, here's a rather obvious point:- I am perfectly well aware that the Normans were originally of Scandinavian descent re Viking invaders, but they mixed thoroughly with the local French population and their culture became exclusively French. While some Normans came to England at the time, other Normans stayed in Normandy within France. And, besides, I've mentioned previously that I'm partially of Celtic stock, of which a large part is Breton. So, it's just laughable to claim I am anti-French.
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