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Need some direction
« on: October 10, 2014, 11:51:59 am »
So long story super short, I've had "digestive" issues my whole life. I have been to the doctor during the really severe episodes yet they have no explanation and can find no reason for my pain, symptoms or "side effects"of the episodes. When I turned 29 I had attacks so bad they decided it was my gallbladder and  further decided the fix was to remove it. I let them. Things got worse. I put on more weight my hair thinned out I started suffering skin conditions I had never experienced before,I stopped having periods, I began experiencing tingling in my extremities, migraines, no energy despite good sleep  and a number of other unpleasant things. the latest addition to this excitement is constant and I do mean constant stomach pain that feels like gnawing hunger. Yet my thyroid is good... no evidence of autoimmune, no evidence of being or becoming diabetic outside of my weight, and no evidence of bacterial, yeast or parasite infections. So I decided to give up, the doctors just think I am suffering from an "all in my head disorder" and prescribed me ibuprofen and acid blockers. And this is how I have lived for the last 5 years. But I notice something interesting about a couple of weeks ago, I had a another severe attack a bad one I went to bed with the gnawing pain as usual but woke up with it searing my insides and covered in cold sweat with pain so bad I couldn't straighten ,this is nothing new. However this attack left me so sore and yucky afterwards that I couldn't or didn't want to eat "real" food. I subsisted on chicken stock and turkey stock I had made and frozen myself for future soups and stews (really hate to waste) and noticed the gnawing feeling started to subside. I stuck to proteins and eventually some leafy greens for filler. I have been eating like that for almost 5 days now, when I got a little hungry at work and decided to put down a package of my favorite cookies from the snack machine. 30 minutes later my pants were digging into my midsection ( seriously bloated!) and the gnawing hunger pain returned like an evil little dog to harass me.

The ingredients are: Sugar, Vegetable Oil,Wheat Flour,CoCoa,Whey Powder,Soy flour,Soy lecithin,salt,leavening agent,vanilla (artificial). 

Besides their obviously processed nature I don't think I have a sensitivity to anything in them except that I must! My semi-educated guess is gluten since spaghetti was what I ate before the last attack a couple of weeks ago a great big bowl of it more noodle than sauce. I no longer feel I can rely on doctors to give me good advice and I am hoping by branching out my little story in the community that perhaps some good resources and finding relief from this never ending cycle of eat, weep and repeat. I am going home tonight to throw out or donate anything that has grain or gluten in it or on it.  I would welcome your advice and insight into getting out of the boxed meal and back into the world. As well as suggestions on how to balance my meat and greens diet as some how it runs counter intuitive to what I've been taught about nutrition. I will be sticking with it however until I figure this things out.

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Re: Need some direction
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2014, 12:11:03 pm »
I self-diagnosed myself with gluten intolerance 40 years ago, before there was a test. You can ask for a lab test for celiac disease, but I never got the test - you have to load up on wheat before you take the test, and that would make my tummy miserable.

On a paleolithic diet, one would not eat field-agriculture products like grains and beans, which only came into play as staple foods in the neolithic times. This forum goes one step further by eating paleolithic foods raw, as they were before man used culinary fire. You might want to test an all-raw approach and see if it makes you feel better.
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Re: Need some direction
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2014, 02:27:07 pm »
In pre-raw days, I would get  constant stomach-pain that was  usually triggered by eating cooked meats. Switching 100% to a raw, palaeolithic diet solved that problem, among many others.
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