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Raw Kyle:
I got an email from someone who knew me on another forum, was having trouble using this one and wanted to ask a few questions from the members here:

"Anyway , for some reason my computer is acting up and I am not able to post on the raw paleo forum so could you please post some questions for me? I want to know the recipe for the liver shake everyone is talking about on that forum. I also want to hear their opinions on the best way to regenerate myelin. I want to hear their thoughts on maca and if they believe it definitely boosts testosterone and lastly I want to know if they buy into the theory that by eating the fish raw that we do not absorb mercury( as per Aajonus)"

Thanks in advance guys!

It was down for a little while and I was fiddling with creating better urls, uninstalling and reinstalling a sitemap. Did they register first? They must choose a country flag. I've selected this option as I've heard it helps to thwart spam bots. Have them try it again. In the mean time, I'm sure others can answer some of those questions.

Aajonus's Liver Booster,

4-8 oz organic raw liver
4-8 oz raw milk
1 tablespoon unheated honey, (optional)

Cut liver into small chuncks. "Blenderize" all ingredients togther in a 12 -16 oz jar on high speed for 20 seconds.

Liver booster, Two
Same as above but substitute 1-2 tablespoons red onions (optional)

From: The Recipe for Living Without Disease. By AV pg. 103-4


I don't buy into the whole mercury-fish scare. Here are two good links debunking it:-


Here's an article on the Seychelles study which debunked the mercury-claims:-


As for Aajonus claim that raw fish protecting against mercury, I find that hard to believe. There was one unusual case in Minamata Bay where there was a huge spill of mercury from industrial waste in that coastal area, and the Japanese developed serious health-problems despite their eating a lot of the fish raw. But, IMO, such incidences as Minamata Bay are very rare and only very  localised in effect, so one doesn't need to worry re eating raw seafood.

Raw Kyle:
His claim is that you absorb much less of the mercury in the state it is in raw fish and that cooking it binds the mercury to other organic molecules in the fish meat making it more absorbable.

Well actually that's my slightly more scientifically explained version of his claim.

Kind of like how the mercury in vaccines which is ethylated or methylated gets absorbed into the brain many times more efficiently then normal elemental mercury.

Re myelin damage:- I presume this is a reference to MS. Those with MS  are well-advised to avoid all non-Palaeo fods, including even raw dairy(and even grainfed meat, according to this article):-

Of course, the fact that cooked-food is much more immunoreactive than raw food means that you have a better chance of recovery on a raw(animal food) diet than on a cooked one.

Here's a link re a patient recoverin from MS as a result of eating raw meats:-



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