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Dingeman's Journal
« on: February 20, 2018, 11:05:17 pm »
Hello everyone,

I figured it was time for me to make a journal for myself, not only to keep track of my progress for myself, but also to inform other people looking into this way of eating.

At the time of writing this, I am 19 years old.
I've been struggling with my health for over 6/7 years now, all the way through high school and now during my time in university as well.
During my high school years I noticed that I was less interested and more quiet than I used to be. I would also not enjoy anything; movies, music, hanging out with people, everything was uninteresting to me. It took me 3/4 years to realise that this was in fact a depression of some sort. I tried a lot to get 'out' of it, so to say, but never anything diet related. I would not masturbate for months, I would skip the shower for weeks, I would even sleep in other rooms in the house because I was sure there was some sort of mold in my room that was damaging my sense of enjoyment somehow. Nothing changed of course, and I was still depressed and anxious around other people, I still am, although to a lesser degree.

A friend of mine, who also makes videos on youtube about raw meat and fat, Sv3rige, then told me that he was quite sure that my diet was making me depressed. Thanks to him, I decided to try a cooked zero carb diet around 1 year ago. This diet immediately decreased my symptoms a little bit. Still, everytime I would eat bread or eat something else that I couldn't tolerate, I would feel the depression kicking in, very quickly. I then decided that I needed to step up my game and really go all out to cure whatever is causing my problems. Subsequently, I went and tried raw paleo/primal.

I ran into a couple of problems and had some interesting observations while doing this diet so far. First off, whenever I ate a lot of raw fat, I would feel a pressure inside my head. I looked up the symptoms and I figured that it must've come from high levels of sodium in my blood/body. You see, when I did a cooked zero carb diet, I would eat bacon and eggs every morning for breakfast, sometimes even as lunch. Over time this must've clumped up in my body, brain and other organs. The raw fat that I consumed got rid of the salt, but didn't fully excrete it somehow. It felt like the salt would be stuck in my veins, as if my body had no way to detoxify it.

Eventually the pressure in my head got so bad, that I had a hard time standing up and I could feel every heartbeat in the back of my head. Luckily, I somehow decided to eat raw liver, which alleviated the pressure in minutes. This all led me to believe that my purification organs such as the liver and kidney, were actually full of gunk and toxins as well, hindering them in their function. Nowadays I don't get the head pressure as quickly as before, but it still creeps up on me slowly whenever I eat raw fat for a longer amount of time. To combat this, I make sure to always keep raw liver in my freezer so that whenever it gets too bad, I can eat some raw liver to get rid of the pressure.

Other health issues that I am facing are dry skin, dandruff, psoriasis and candida. These ailments pushed me more to the zero-carb side, since most of these symptoms seem to worsen whenever I eat a lot of fruit/vegetables.

As for my diet: at the moment I eat raw bio supermarket meat, without any fat supplement. However, I should be able to get my hands on more animal fat so that I can consume less protein and more fat. I also eat raw liver every two days and sometimes eat a mango or pineapple. At night I frequently eat a cucumber to hydrate myself a little bit, however this could also be a sign of not eating enough fat. I gotta do some testing to reach a conclusion for that problem.

That is all for now, I hope that I can cure myself with the help of this diet and with the knowledge of other raw paleo people.

Feel free to comment or give feedback.
My next update will contain some of my direct plans for now, diet-wise.