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I haven't posted here before but have followed the conversation about dairy with much interest over several months. After much experimenting myself I know I do better with some dairy and carbohydrate in my diet. In his book "Optimal Nutrition" Jan Kwasniewski makes the point that it is best to try to consume about 0.8 grams of carbohydrates per kg of body weight per day. He states, "Some tissues absolutely need carbohydrates, so they must be supplied. If a body doesn't receive them in food it has to produce them itself, most often from protein. It is, however, an energy-intensive process and unnecessary" and "A shortage of carbohydrates in the diet sometimesresults in urges to eat something sweet. The same cause sometimes leads to leg cramps, especially at night." (This was my experience). Schultz & Allan in the book "Life Without Bread" also caution against total removal of carbohydrates from the diet.

Based on what I read in this forum I tried eradicating dairy from my diet for a while. I found I did poorly and overate meat. I even found that I did not do well just eating butter and no other dairy. I tend to feel that I at least need some lactose in my diet, whilst acknowledging that each person must find what suits him/her.

My concern is that this forum should be about seeking and obtaining optimal health, not pushing and adhering strictly to idealogical viewpoints.

John L

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