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Alternative Uses for Bone Marrow Bones

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Fermenter Zym:
Hey all,
Most of us agree that bone marrow is an incredible food. However, when I eat it, I wonder what I should be doing with the bones.

Does anyone have any suggestions to use bone for:

* Art
* Tools
* Furniture
* Gardening Amendments
* Any other ideas?
My preliminary research has helped me to stumble upon this: http://www.regia.org/bonework.htm

I'll keep posting as I learn more, but I would love some help from the community.

I carve mine into earrings ~ ~ http://www.etsy.com/listing/91109363/4g-organic-bone-silver-and-stone-gauged
So far I've only done a couple from my marrow bones, as they are a bit of a pain in the butt to clean.  Apparently, an enzymatic cloth diaper cleaner is the best...or just letting them sit out in the garden for the ants to do it (which unfortuently won't work now because its winter here).  I've just been heating them in water and dish soap, which works fairly well but doesn't get them 100% clean. 

...thanks, this reminds me to go searching for enzymatic diaper cleaner...haha ;-)

Fermenter Zym:
Wow what tools do you use to do that?

I would love to do some art with non-electric tools if you have any recommendations.

Well, I do use electric tools haha (how very un-paleo of me, tsk tsk!!! LOL) ;-)   ...a flex shaft rotary tool (like a dremel), a scroll saw and a bench grinder. 

I do also want to learn more with non-electric tools.  I'm pretty sure all kinds of files, scrapers, chisels, jewelrs saw, sand paper etc. would work for hand tools.  The only thing that is holding me back from switching is the electric tool is quicker and I already have it, and I don't have the money right now to get all the hand tools I'd need.  But someday!!  Because I find carving with hand tools much more relaxing, and less dusty and noisy. :-)

Fermenter Zym:
Haha yeah don't forget we're on computers! haha

I'll have to learn more about hand tools before I get into it but I think it'd be a fun project. Do you have any ideas of things to do with bones besides art / jewelry?


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