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Learning from AV helped me to recover my health also. I mean in a BIG way. Completely changed my life. 90% genius, haha, I'll take that! I don't know if you've listened to Alan Watts - he says everyone (even the saintliiest) have a little bit of "rascality" (as he calls it), that that's what makes us human. I think its true - we all have a little rascality in us!

Felt it unfair to leave it at that, so here was some of my thoughts:

1. Are you referring to what he writes about in his book, "We Want to Live?" I know he talks about being confused by all the seemingly conflicting and contradictory information out there on nutrition (I'm sure most of us here can relate) and deciding that if he were ever going to learn about what truly cultivates health, that he'd have to go live in the wild and learn from the animals based on how they lived, and learn from native groups as well. AV says he stayed with several native tribes for periods of time including the Inuit in Alaska. He said all of the tribes told him to eat raw meat to get well. Apparently he thought they were just trying to trick him into poisoning himself because maybe they were wanting to get revenge on the "white man," haha.

2. I think AV said he had fasted many times for various periods of time, but that his 40 day fast was one of the longer or longest. I know someone else who said he fasted for 40 days. I don't think it's implausible that Jesus' 40 days in the desert had inspired others to do the same, or similar.

3. If you read AV's books, newsletters, and Q and A gatherings he'd hold, he mentions various experimental research that he's conducted over many years - he'd say he's always experimenting with something or other and discuss what he was currently doing. But his experiments are fascinating, and there isn't any research out there that I'm aware of like the experiments he'd conduct. Yes he claims the lab that he used to analyze his samples burned down - says he paid over $1.5 mil to have this work done.
I know it sounds convenient for someone wanting to deceive people, but he often explains various experiments he would run in the context of a particular topic or in response to a particular question, and let me tell you - if he is lying about these experiments then he has a fantastic imagination and he is extremely brilliant (and a pathological liar) at constructing well reasoned, well thought out, and seemingly congruent methods and results  on the spot within a context related topic. To me that seems far fetched, as I have spoken with him on various occasions and read through much of his work, and I have never spotted an incongruence - his work is the most coherent and thorough approach I've ever seen.

4. What you're saying here doesn't deal with his integrity or lack there of, but if I remember correctly he would say that people rarely have "true" raw dairy allergies. He would emphasize working with dairy instead of avoiding it, such as drinking at room temp (cold milk can create adverse reactions), adding raw honey to aid its digestion, limiting consumption to smaller quantities (he emphasized how it could be due to detox, or body rejecting it temporarily due to digestive issues, etc.), and fermenting it (e.g., kefir), etc. So there are quite a few things one can do before rejecting it based on the conclusion theres an allergy to it. And maybe you're right that he took into consideration how its easier for most people to do than raw meat as well.

I totally get your skepticism about AV as some of his claims and stories do appear to be pretty..shall we say outlandish, or implausible? But is this basis enough to presume he is dishonest and not being truthful? I think its too easy to dismiss him based on this alone. I say look at his work in depth and judge his work based on how well it appeals to your sense of reason, (maybe intuition) and most importantly if it actually works!   

AV made all sorts of absurd claims. Here are a few:-

1) He claimed in his books to know a Native American Chief of some sort. This was a blatant appeal to his Liberal clients near Malibu, California, who were precisely the sort to swallow the Noble-Savage theory, as seen in that ridiculous film "Dances with Wolves". Weston-Price did a similiar thing, though with a lot more data backing his notions.
2) AV claimed to have spent 40 days in the desert after incurring endless illnesses, only to be saved by being given raw meat by some wild coyotes. This is an obvious theft of Jesus' own 40 days and 40 nights experience in the desert, as mentioned in the New Testament!
3) Then there were AV's claims that he had done endless experiments backing his claims that raw foods were healthy, but that the laboratories involved had all been burnt to the ground, and that it would cost millions to get the relevant studies reissued/reprinted, or some such nonsense. The irony is that, while there  are few scientific studies backing raw foods, there are now tens of thousands of studies on the harm done to human and animal health as a result of  consuming toxins derived from cooking, so he didn't have to do that at all.
4) One other thing:- AV also tried to claim that allergies to raw dairy were impossible, he even stated that to me in 1 e-mail. Given that problems with raw dairy are the biggest problem reported in RVAF diet circles, this was very unfortunate. AV promoted raw dairy consumption regardless, as it was the easiest raw animal food for former cooked-foodists to get used to.

Had been writing for last 20 min and lost it all cause logged me out when I went to post. So real quick, I get that some of his claims appear far fetched or unlikely, but most of what you're saying here in opposition to his integrity is really speculation.

Armand Tanny, among others:-

I doubt AV ever even met either Arnold or Stallone. He was often making things up. Mel Gibson apparently did(is doing?)  the "Tiger Diet", a raw-meat/raw olive-oil kind of diet. I even heard from a raw vegan chef once that she provided Primal-Diet-oriented raw meals to Val Kilmer once by delivery. Oh, and Uma Thurman is(I think?)  a raw-meat-eater.
Tyler, what are you referring to when you say AV was often making things up? What makes you say that?

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