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Primal Diet / Re: Aajonus Vonderplanitz and HCL
« on: December 07, 2018, 03:27:11 pm »
I do have the book I read most of it and the remedies part too. Some of the remedies make sense some don’t. Some claims do not seem completely reasonable. But maybe I haven’t tried the things long enough I guess, did not „detox“ long enough. I eat raw beef, lamb, fish and organs. The beef combined with raw butter. It doesn’t make me come alive somehow, I had rare moments of clarity where it did. But I feel like something is still missing. Tried Betain HCL + Pepsin like 10 capsules (10 Grams of HCL) didn’t notice anything. I have silent reflux and low bone density meaning mineral deficiency I guess. I tried his remedy for that but it doesn’t feel like it helps me. Have tried raw honey with raw butter and raw sour cream but it didn’t help me absorb the fats and b-vitamins I think still. What was your experience? I think he helped his patients „individually“ trying and testing, working out the best solutions if anything. I think he stated it even in the book that everybody is different. Anyway I feel dehydrated because I do not absorb the fats properly and the fat soluble vitamins. I will try different things in the coming weeks. But the fresh, cold-pressed vegetable juices help me hydrate a bit meanwhile. I don’t know if you can heal digestion with just food or a diet alone and that’s what’s lacking for most people here I think. A lack of a properly working digestion, assimilation of nutrients the causes could be different for different people.

Primal Diet / Aajonus Vonderplanitz and HCL
« on: December 07, 2018, 01:16:15 pm »
I am pretty sure that in one video he said that he no longer has stomach acid. So my question is how did he absorb minerals, fat and b-vitamins because a lot of people say you need stomach acid to absorb those. Especially to release bile to absorb fat and b-vitamins. About pancreatic enzymes I can see that maybe there is less of a need if you eat raw? Because I feel like I have low stomach acid, maybe even enzymes and bile problems and I don’t absorb much minerals and fat and food even though I eat raw. So how come he was in a better shape than most „primal dieters“ I have seen online wirh no stomach acid and all that illness ridden background?

Welcoming Committee / Hello! People from Austria here?
« on: November 22, 2018, 01:51:14 pm »
My name is Solsa. I am 26 years old. Had vision problems beginning in the childhood due to russian processed gluten and high carb diet probably and low nutrient intake. Although I am quite good developed in most areas of my body some were sacrificed due to this nutrient problem I think. Like my vision, one eyeball longer than the other for example. When I was growing up I had mainly to eat white bread, black tea, some butter, sugar those were the staples daily. Occasionally we had soups and meat not sure about the quality. So basically malnourished. When I moved to Austria my family still had a poor situation so now I was eating even more refined white bread, processed sausages, non-organic pasteurized low quality butter, low quality pasteurized dairy and black tea. I think the quality in Russia was slightly better, maybe. Anyway these were literally my daily food, I hated the daily wheat roll with processed sausages. At least I always put in huge amounts of butter and sausage to make it taste good. My family and siblings would find that gross. My mother was also working from morning until night for a low salary. So she wasn’t cooking much resulting in more malnourishment. Later on stuff like coca-cola, fruit juices, sugar treats, nutella etc. to which we had no access in russia as much became more regular. Of couse we had jam and so on as well and „normal“ meals regularly but these were the staples. I had chronic fatigue since age 11 I think and acid reflux although I didn’t know what it was back then I thought it’s because I didn’t eat anything ‚cause I literally had also no money to buy food at school like the other kids. So it was sausage, wheat roll or nothing. Also some other mental issues, problems concentrating, slight autism even maybe. My parents and school teachers accused me of being lazy and so on but I just didn’t have the energy, strength to slave-learn like the others. And from on around age 15 I developed chronic insomnia which again nobody took serious or could help me with. I still struggle with sleep. I have been trying different things now for two years to finally get some peace. That’s why I am also here. Of course I have digestive issues as well the became extremely severe and didn’t reduce since age 20 when I was in a boarding school where I ate the healthy food they made. Healthy cereals in the morning, pasta for lunch and then me and my classmates regularly also ate at mcdonalds which was funnily located near our school and everything else was further away. Too far to reach during the short breaks. The more I tried to eat „healthy“ the worse my health got. I would like to connect with people near me (Austria) and others to share info and so on.

Bread and cheese? Avoid, if possible. If raw, grassfed meat or raw wild game are unavailable , then consider raw wildcaught seafood.Also, many grassfed meat farms do deliver to one's door, so they don't have to be that close to you. OH, and try adding some variety such as raw honeycomb  etc.

I see your family did the whole "blaming the victim" thing to you. Same happened to me. I had chronic fatigue so I was accused of laziness , etc. Anyway, welcome to the forum!

My family did to me too. My father would even constantly harass me for being a „worm“ funnily maybe I was full of worms trying to detox my body or whatever. I would also suggest eliminating as much as you can. I think most people don’t get that it’s not only the foods that are causing these problems, it’s also the state of these foods. For example bad quality raw milk products can still be bad for you most raw dieters fail to see this as did I. They can be contaminated with glyphosate for example which is an antibiotic that deystroys bacteria and intestinal lining. In countries like Austria they are used even in public areas, glyphosate is apparently even in the air. It’s a huge contamination problem and other factors.

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