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Just one last thing: my mother said that when she got into the kitchen the smell of rotten fish from the sardines was very predominant. I ate it without giving it a second thought because I reasoned: if people eat high meat from fish that is a month old or more, these sardines here, even if they’re rotting, shouldn’t cause me any trouble.

Is there an error in my logic? Is it possible, for instance, that a recently rotten fish is not that ok to eat whilst an older fish is?

This is not detox. You caught something. I would never recommend eating pork, or any other mammal that is an omnivore, raw. They can carry trichinosis, which can cause a lot of problems for you both near-term and longer-term. To deal with the stomach and intestinal upset (most likely caused by something else, not trich), I suggest sipping on apple cider vinegar intermittently throughout the day. I got salmonella once from eating raw chicken, and used that method to knock it right down.

Could you elaborate a little bit on what you eat raw carefree? All beef/fish/dairy and the rest you cook?

Also the sardines I ate yesterday were left outside the fridge (in a sealed container) the entire day prior to my eating it. This is also only my third day eating plenty of raw eggs. Any chance these might be involved with it? Also I did not eat it totally raw, I ate it after leaving it in the oven for some good 40 minutes on medium temp

Sounds like a genuine detox to me. Look, you have been eating cooked, processed foods, with all their toxins,  for decades prior to going rawpalaeo. Do you seriously think there won't be any consequences for that? Take my own experience:- after years of eating cooked/processed foods, then going  raw vegan/fruitarian/sproutarian, I  switched to rawpalaeodiets, and, after cutting out all raw dairy, I had very green diarrhea  c. every half-hour for 2-3 days. This detox allowed some toxins to be  expunged from my body.  Then, every 2-4 months, I would experience  a detox in the form of mild flu-like symptoms, which  would last from 2-7 days, and would, over time, decrease in terms of frequency, duration and severity until, after c. 2-3 years, it was over. I still experience detox(like a sort of hangover) if I eat any non-rawpalaeo foods or liquids, but eating high-meat usually greatly reduced symptoms thereof.

Thanks for the reply.

Isn't it weird though that precisely when I introduce pork (and a shitload of it at once) I get these symptoms? I mean things were apparently going nice and dandy with raw eggs, beef and fish...

Hi guys,

so I have been just fascinated with this WOE since I came in contact with it last week, so I started a somewhat raw paleo 6 days ago.

Day 1: raw beef liver, cooked eggs, avocado, coconut water and cheese
Day after effect: feeling good. A little diarrhea the day after but nothing that bothered be. Darker feces btw.

Day 2: raw beef heart, butter, cooked eggs, some coconut water (I live in Brazil, plenty of that)
Day after effect: feeling good as well, amazed we can eat like that and not drop dead as we're led to believe since childhood. Still some diarrhea.

Day 3: beef heart leftovers, cooked duck eggs, cooked tailbone, avocado, soft coconut whites
Day after effect: feeling good, still amazed by the diet. Feces starting to harden.

Day 4: raw duck heart and liver, blood, cooked duck, raw duck eggs, raw steak.
Day after effect: feeling good and shitted (pardon my French) the most beautiful stool I've shat in a while. Dark, firm and left my behind totally clean.

Day 5: raw sardines, raw chicken and duck eggs, coconut water
Day after effect: feeling good.

Day 6: raw eggs, a little papaya, raw sardines leftovers and a pound of undercooked (40 minutes medium heat) home-grown fatty pork ribs.
Day after effect: bad night of sleep, tossing and turning quite a lot. In the morning I go to the bathroom and... explosive diarrhea. After diarrhea I feel weak, somewhat fainty. I have a fast peak of fever where I sweat from every pore of my body for 5 minutes and then it goes away. I get a little panicky thinking oh god oh god why don't I listen to common sense and do these experimentations on myself oh god oh god I hope this is not the end of me. But that goes away a couple of minutes later. So I go back to bed feeling weak and slightly feverish, turn up the AC and stay under the covers until 9:30 am (I usually get up at 6:30).

I've been hydrating myself now with coconut water since I got up, and had a little spoon of raw honey. I feel like I'm recovering. Still burping pork, feeling nauseated by it and slightly (really slightly) concerned I might have gotten something serious.

Could it be just that I ate too much of a somewhat new and super fat thing? It wasn't even very raw ffs...

Anyway, I'm looking for some encouraging (and realistic, of course) words (perhaps possible causes, similar experiences...), since anyone around me (family, friends) will just say that it's a simple consequence of me being a moron adopting a dangerous and irresponsible WOE

Thanks guys

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