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Welcoming Committee / Re: Greetings everyone!
« on: January 31, 2020, 01:42:46 am »
Thanks for the advice. I generally get my muscle meat from wherever, usually Whole Foods. Since toxins don't accumulate in the muscle. My source of fat is raw butter and I order online from Dutch Meadows, supposedly they are 100% grassfed, no hormones, etc. They're actually based in PA. I haven't had any problems with them yet, and the butter has a nice yellow color. I get my organs from a local grassfed place, no hormones, same deal. They are frozen, but I've eaten over 15+lbs of organs raw from them so far with no issues.

In regards to the legal situation in Louisiana for raw dairy, it is abysmal here. Raw milk and dairy is entirely illegal, and the only way you'd be able to get some is if you were very, very close to a local cattle farmer who also happens to be grassfed. Raw dairy in general is deemed as "unfit for human consumption". Basically no stores are allowed to sell it, and farmer-to-consumer sales are illegal. Cow shares are also illegal as far as I know, since it can be used as a loophole to acquire raw dairy. Furthermore, there's also a great lack of quality meats. "Grassfed" and "No hormones' here is not very common around where I live. There are two places that sell high quality, grassfed meat. One of them freezes their meat.

Also, I totally agree that you can still become sick from toxins if they are labelled as grassfed or organic. I've seen multiple people get sick from eating either organs or bone marrow. Our diet isn't risk-free, that's for sure, since we're so inundated with toxins everywhere on a daily basis. Even in supposed "quality" meats.

Welcoming Committee / Greetings everyone!
« on: January 30, 2020, 06:37:36 am »
I am 21 years old, male, full-time college student, and from Louisiana, USA. Over a year ago I started watching sv3rige and milkjar videos and subsequently became interested in nutrition. Since that time I've been experimenting on and off with incorporating raw animal meat and fat into my diet. I generally get my meat from Whole Foods or another local grassfed source (sources here aren't great for grassfed options). Raw dairy is completely illegal, so the only way I can acquire it is online or by taking a road trip out to Texas.

In this past month of January I decided to experiment with a diet that consisted of primarily raw meat, raw fat (butter), honey, eggs, seafood, beef, lamb, and organs (mostly calf liver). I've been feeling great throughout most of it, save for a few bouts of diarrhea. I've been figuring out which cuts of meat I enjoy the most raw and what works for me in general. I have been browsing this forum quite often and finally decided to take the plunge and create an account here ;D It's been an interesting learning process and I would be open to meeting other fellow raw dieters near me.

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