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Primal Diet / Weight gain help
« on: September 01, 2020, 10:46:13 pm »
Hello to everyone , my name s Ciprian and I have about 4 months and a half in as a raw carnivore with some fruits in between . I need some advices if you are kind to help me regarding gaining weight on this diet which I have trouble with . I'm originally from romania but I live on a island called Alderney near UK and unfortunately raw milk is illegal here even tho I tried to convince the only farmer on this island . I'm not lactose intolerant but I have some type of eczema so pasteurized milk is out of discussion even tho I love milk products so much I assume will have to wait until I go back in my home country . I suppose you would suggest me the same raw milk or no milk at all . The thing is I eat chuck steaks lots of liver other organs when I find , fish and fat cuts usually suet .From what I know to gain weight you need certain amount of carbohydrates , but in animal kingdom are
 only milk and honey . But eating such high amounts of honey it doesn't sound goos to me . Can someone give me an advice please ? I'm a hard gainer so to speak and second I work in constructions also so I gotta eat lots .

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