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Health / Re: 2 years, health not improving
« on: May 13, 2021, 08:02:45 am »
 :o Prepackaged minced meats such as ground meat, hamburger patties and sausages are literally 10% soy, bread and corn. It says so on the label; and they also have traces of other things, like lactose and nuts. My theory is that you are poisoning yourself accidentally, so you should stop and go straight to a butcher and ask him to grind a specific cut of the meat. Ask for CHUCK steak, and tell the butcher to grind it. Ask twice, always grind twice the same cut of chuck.

Watch this to understand how soy causes depression:
The girl in the video cut out every food except cooked meat, got better. Then she ate soy sauce in abundance and got severely depressed for 30 days. She's Jordan Peterson's daughter, and they both got way healthier by eating soy-free diets. So we can say for sure that our sensitivity to certain foods is genetic.

Note for the future: Supermarkets are soy-factories for the masses. For example, how do regular people season their meat? Black pepper. Can you guess what black pepper bottles have traces of? That's right, soy.

Hope this was helpful, update in 30 days and tell us how you both feel?

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