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Ok, so bare with me...

I've been taking a Reserverage brand Resveratrol supplement for the past month. It was 250 mgs of Resveratrol. Listed under "other ingredients" is "rice bran", which I know is bad but figured it's such a small amount, hey, can't hurt. Since really being committed to pure paleo for the last 10 days, I'm beginning to feel that purity and "switch" you all know.

Today I ran out of the resveratrol, so bought some more. However, this bottle is only 100 mgs of resveratrol, but in the same size capsule (cheaper, saving up for TA-65). My concern is this- if the amount of resveratrol is less than half, but the capsule is roughly the same size, dos this mean there is more rice bran as "filler?" I swear I think I can feel that "losing it" feeling in my legs when you break paleo

...or is this crazy paranoid territory?


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